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CoreLink Releases "Top 5 Things All Businesses Must Know About Online Security" White Paper

Topics include cloud computing-related security risks
MT. PROSPECT, Ill., June 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- National data center service provider, CoreLink Data Centers, LLC ( has released a white paper outlining numerous reasons why businesses, now more than ever, must take a more proactive approach to network security, specifically online security against cyber attacks that severely impact profitability.

The white paper can be downloaded for free from CoreLink's website and is entitled "Top Five Things Every Business Must Know About Online Security," by Michael Duckett, CoreLink President and COO. In addition to detailing how a business' profitability is vulnerable to cyber attacks, it describes how continuous network monitoring and 24/7 management can prevent such attacks. Other topics include cloud computing-related security risks and the added costs and other challenges businesses face when taking responsibility for online network security in-house.

"Not only do cyber attacks compromise the integrity of proprietary, confidential information, they eventually always result in lost revenue, expensive clean-up costs and a damaged business reputation," Duckett said. "By appropriately outsourcing online security, businesses can ensure constant network monitoring and protection against unauthorized access and the introduction of worms, Trojans and viruses."

No business is immune to cyber attacks. InformationWeek reports that 73 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses have been victimized over the past year,