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Clinton Video Is Bait in Spam Scam

Attackers play on recipients' interest in presidential campaign

Wow, you can tell it's an election year: Spammers are eschewing the usual offers of money and free porn and are now baiting their messages with a bogus video interview of Hillary Clinton.

According to a blog by Symantec researcher Kelly Conley, the new attack promises "Hillary Clinton Full Video!" but actually contains malware.

"Do not click the link, because this link does not take you to a video," Conley says. "This link downloads a suspect file, 'mpg.exe,' which is a Trojan downloader. This downloader downloads a file, inst241.exe, which is detected as Trojan.Srizbi."

So far, the volume of Clinton spam emails appears to be low, but IT managers should be aware of the threat and warn their users not to click on the link, Conley says.

— Tim Wilson, Site Editor, Dark Reading

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