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ClearPoint's New Metrics-Based PCI Compliance Management Service Free For 30 Days

Solution enables organizations to address all phases of PCI compliance
BURLINGTON, Mass., March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- ClearPoint Metrics announced the availability of its metrics-based PCI assessment service at the RSA Conference in San Francisco March 2, 2010. The solution is hosted on the Amazon Cloud and available free of charge for the next 30 days at

ClearPoint's PCI Compliance Management solution enables organizations to independently address all phases of PCI compliance, from pre-assessment through Report of Compliance and submission of Attestation of Compliance. With ClearPoint's PCI Requirement Manager, Control Mapping and Evidence Manager organizations document their controls and manage evidence required for attestations and reporting. ClearPoint's solution is unique in that it gathers and manages all forms of evidence: policy documents, links to log files and shared documents, surveys and textual commentary as well as fact based metrics, performance and risk indicators based on data collected from an organization's security and network infrastructure.

ClearPoint is further differentiated from PCI point solutions as it automates assessment, attestation and reporting for all 12 PCI requirements and operates independent of any particular set of security product. The solutions supports gathering hard facts and data through direct access to all qualified vulnerability scanners as well as the full complement of security applications including, firewalls, intrusion detection, antivirus, log management, event managers, encryption managers, data security products and much more. The solution also provides a complete asset management and profiling service that takes feeds from internal asset systems and enables organizations to classify, sort and group assets by compliance scopes and risk profiles.

The service provides a complete library of scorecards, companion metrics, data connectors and control monitoring alerts that are mapped to the key PCI requirements. Each set is ready to be connected to the relevant security applications and deployed in minutes. ClearPoint's continuous control monitoring alerts keep team members apprised of an organization's performance to goals and delivers alerts when conditions requiring action occur.

"Our customers are seeking to extend their investments in performance metrics and risk indicators to the compliance arena. They are ready to move beyond opinion surveys and support their attestations with fact-based metrics that provide confirmative evidence that controls exist and are performing to policy," said Jim Acquaviva, CEO of ClearPoint Metrics. "Additionally, the market wants a uniform and trustworthy approach to assessment of security controls to meet performance, risk and compliance and overall governance needs."

ClearPoint's PCI Service is available in monthly and annually renewable subscriptions. It is licensed on a per user basis with introductory 12 user subscription offered at $500 per month.

About ClearPoint Metrics

ClearPoint actively changes the way organizations manage, assess and audit their IT security infrastructures. ClearPoint solutions help organizations identify critical security controls, map controls to key policies and compliance requirements, continuously monitor their status, and actively audit and understand their security and compliance posture. We do this based on real facts and data -- not just opinion or surveys, but real information from your security applications and enterprise infrastructure. With our scheduled-based platform, you simply set your assessment intervals and let ClearPoint do the rest. You get unified visibility into your all security and compliance requirements from one application - on your time - that delivers an integrated view of your security and compliance posture in "a single pane of glass".

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