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CertiVox Launches Web 2.0 Security Service

Solutions enables anyone to protect, deliver, track, control and monetize their valuable documents and media
San Francisco, CA & London, UK, March 1, 2010 " CertiVox, a start-up founded by former executives of RSA Security, McAfee and DAT Group PLC, has launched the world's first and only Web 2.0 Security Service that enables anyone to protect, deliver, track, control and monetize their valuable documents and media " without the need for expensive managed file transfer or digital rights management systems. CertiVox' leverages their innovative folding key encryption technology to bring unparalleled ease of use to the content protection and secured content delivery markets, with integrations that leverage the most popular social networks and business applications. It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up and start protecting your documents and media today.

Security Concerns Regarding Sharing Information Rise Among Social Networkers and Business Professionals

Social networking has allowed people to share more digital content than ever before. Yet, according to a recent global survey[1] by RSA Security " The Security Division of EMC, nearly two in three people who use social networking indicated they are less likely to interact or share information due to growing security concerns. Additionally, four out of five people using social networking websites were concerned for the safety of their personal information.

CertiVox abates these fears by allowing users to continue to leverage their existing business and social networks, but unlike social networking sites, CertiVox adds much needed data protection controls so that all information is kept confidential using innovative and advanced encryption technologies. Additionally, post-delivery control, branding, tracking and audit capabilities allow users to know what is happening to their documents and media after it is sent, and even control access to the content after it is delivered. CertiVox also enables targeted branding campaigns to be run on top of the distributed protected content, thereby enabling additional revenue streams for digital media publishers.

CertiVox offers free and premium subscriptions, available starting today, at

Said CertiVox CEO Brian Spector, "I've spent my entire career in information security. The problem has always been making data protection easy enough and affordable so that the average computer user could have some control over their information for all situations. CertiVox is the answer to this problem."

Added Spector, "We envision a wide range of business professionals taking advantage of what CertiVox offers, ranging from those within global manufacturers to authors of user generated content; from lawyers to sales professionals, within small, medium and large enterprises who simply can't afford or wait for expensive DRM or MFT solutions to be implemented."

CertiVox appeals to:

  • Lawyers who need to protect the information they send to clients

  • Accountants who are worried about protecting information in accordance with SOX

  • Health care professionals who must protect patient data

  • Consultants who must protect their clients' sensitive data

  • Financial services workers who need to protect customer data

  • Engineers worried about protecting their intellectual property

  • Researchers, publishers and gamers who want to publish and monetize their content and software

  • Social Network users who want to distribute large files or pictures confidentially

    CertiVox Offers A Free Version to Promote Widespread Use

    CertiVox CEO Brian Spector said as of today, CertiVox is making available both a free and premium version, to promote wide usage of CertiVox in the business world. Both versions are available by visiting and the sign up procedure takes less than 60 seconds.

    CertiVox makes end users the masters of their content with unprecedented post-deliverly controls that have two needed benefits: Protecting content for security and compliance and enabling branding and commercial opportunities for their content. There are two types of users who can leverage CertiVox:

  • Business professionals, who need the ability to protect, distribute, track and control, electronic documents and media in real-time, and who may use traditional shipping methods but want less costs, faster delivery, fewer hassles and better control over their valuable content than email, FedEx or snail mail

  • Marketing managers, who can run effective branding and advertising opportunities across the content that is now protected while having the tracking analytics and statistics about their target audience,. Using CertiVox, marketing managers, for example, can run effective branding and advertising opportunities across the content that is now protected while having the tracking analytics and statistics about their target audience not available in email alone.

    Said Dr Sachar Paulus, a senior analyst at Kuppinger Cole, "CertiVox makes a real difference with regards to compliance and security; it provides the ability to audit the activities by the user, so that one really knows what recipients have done with it. CertiVox has an additional advantage; it can be used to display targeted advertising / branding, using the audit capability for establishing profiles of the recipient's reading preferences. In some sense, CertiVox, with its new technology, is able to transfer online marketing to offline usage."

    Compliance Regulations Require Serious Data Protection Controls That Are Difficult to Implement and Unaffordable

    Complying with data protection regulations in multiple industries like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (accounting), HIPAA (healthcare), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (Legal), GLBA (consumer banking), Title V, NASD Rule 1127 (banking) and PCI DSS (payment card standard) have been expensive, cumbersome and difficult.

    CertiVox fills the gap with a unique end-to-end solution for digital content packaging, tracking, delivery and audit controls that can be used specifically to aid an organization's compliance efforts. With features like "legally-binding confirmation upon delivery", "do not forward", "do not print", "kill switch" and "burn after reading" controls, business professionals can limit the risks to their valuable content after they hit the send button. Once a user "CertiVox's" their documents and multi-media files, they begin receiving tracking updates and alerts throughout the entire lifespan of the user's content in accordance with the delivery, tracking and auditing controls set. These features are available via the CertiVox Pro package, starting at $19.99 per user, per month.

    Said Michael Osterman of Osterman Research, "Similar to a variety of managed file transfer and digital rights management vendors in the marketplace, CertiVox was designed to control content usage so it can be tracked and protected for legal, competitive and compliance requirements. But where CertiVox differentiates is by enabling a user to, with ease, import his or her business contacts and social networks (e.g. via Facebook, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, or a .CSV file) to create their very own personalized trusted distribution network where content is both secured and controlled long after the send button has been clicked. All thanks to a patent-pending folding key encryption technology, that does not require sophisticated and expensive IT infrastructure nor requires IT staff to maintain."

    CertiVox Patent-Pending Technology Provides Maximum Data Protection and Control

    CertiVox uses a unique folding symmetric key principle which exponentially secures the document content to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure. This multi layered security activates recursively through the content, selectively unlocking those parts to which the recipient has been granted access. Combining this level of security at the document and media level with a secured network for access control and alerts provides a strong, controllable and tactical solution for protecting important content. No longer is it necessary to deploy complex and sophisticated public key certificates to validate identities and content entitlements.

    While CertiVox patent-pending technology is robust, CertiVox is easy to use: those familiar with sending and receiving email and file attachments do not need to learn new procedures, as a CertiVox dashboard offers simple "click on or click off" choices regarding various options for sending, tracking, and controlling a 'package' of content. A video explaining how to CertiVox your email and digital communications, document files and media that's worth protecting is available at

    About CertiVox

    Founded by former executives of RSA Security, McAfee and DAT Group PLC, CertiVox offers the world's first only Web 2.0 Security Service to protect content from misuse and enables the widest distribution of protected content to your trusted business and social networks. The ground-breaking service removes the barriers to data protection with its patent-pending folding key encryption and "virtual content packages" technologies. Using CertiVox, anyone in the world can better protect, deliver, track, control and monetize the valuable content they distribute in real-time with minimal setup and tremendously less cost than rights management solutions. With faster delivery and fewer hassles, enjoy the confidence you can feel when you know your content is protected and under control. Sign up for your free trial today at