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CA Technologies Helps Protect Data Stored On Windows Server 2012 & An Update

CA DataMinder Classification helps to deliver precise and fine-grained access control
ISLANDIA, NY, September 4, 2012 – CA Technologies (CA: NASDAQ) today announced support for Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control. Integrating CA DataMinder™ Classification with Windows Server 2012 gives customers more precise access control of their data stored on Windows Server, helping to improve information security, reduce risk and meet compliance mandates.

Documents stored on a server that were once classified as non-sensitive can quickly change to contain sensitive or classified information throughout day-to-day operations. CA DataMinder Classification scans, locates and classifies sensitive content stored within Windows Server 2012, including intellectual property, financial information and personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and other employee relevant data. When used with Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control, CA DataMinder Classification helps to deliver precise and fine-grained access control that enables business processes to continue while protecting the most critical information assets.

“Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control lets customers define central access policies at the organizational level and lets customers control access to data and achieve regulatory compliance,” said Andrew Conway, Director, Product Marketing, Enterprise Client, at Microsoft. “CA DataMinder Classification addresses the dynamic nature of data. By combining the content classification from CA DataMinder with the access policies set in Windows Server 2012, customers can better protect critical information from inappropriate use or disclosure.”

This integration extends CA Technologies Content-Aware Identity and Access Management (IAM) product strategy, which helps protect critical data from inappropriate use or disclosure by controlling users, their access and how they handle information. CA Technologies first delivered capability for Content-Aware IAM by associating content and data policies with identities and roles managed by CA IdentityMinder™ (formerly CA Identity Manager). It continued its Content-Aware direction earlier this year with a security solution for Microsoft SharePoint that enabled CA SiteMinder® to use content classification information for more precise Web access control.

“A core focus for a security professional is to ensure the right people have the right access to the right information. But information changes more quickly than access rights, which can leave organizations vulnerable to sensitive data leaks,” said Mike Denning, general manager, Security, CA Technologies. “Organizations need a layered security approach where information about the data is used as input for access policies to more precisely determine whether a user should be granted access to information.”

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