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Astaro Releases Version 2.1 Of Free Astaro Command Center

Central management product is available as software and virtual appliances
December 21, 2009 (WILMINGTON, MA) " Astaro Corporation (, a leading network security vendor, today announced that the company will release version 2.1 of the Astaro Command Center. This new version of the free tool for managing multiple Astaro installations includes updated and new functions that will enable Astaro partners to offer managed security services. Additionally, enterprises with multiple installations can use this tool to manage their network security infrastructure.

Version 2.1 of the Astaro Command Center improves on existing features while adding new areas of functionality, including the ability to share global definitions across multiple organizations. This new capability saves time for managed security service providers as they can push configuration objects to multiple locations for use in the security configuration.

"The Astaro Command Center 2.1 makes it easier for us to work on multiple managed security installations at the same time, greatly increasing our efficiency," said Michael Smith, IT Manager, Celerit. "This gives us a distinct advantage over other IT Security Firms, as we are able to provide better value options than our competitors and offer security products to enterprises that formerly were not able to install a security solution."

The Astaro Command Center is free for all partners who wish to provide managed security services or for end-users who have multiple Astaro installations across several locations. The central management product is available as software and virtual appliances. Organizations who wish to install the Astaro Command Center an Astaro hardware appliance are charged a small fee for the cost and maintenance of the hardware.

"We developed the Astaro Command Center as a tool to help our partners offer additional value to their customers as well as help our end-users with large installations easily manage their own security configuration from a single location," said Jan Hichert, Astaro CEO. "The new and updated features in version 2.1 of the Astaro Command Center will make it easier for our partners to offer managed security services giving them a tool for creating additional revenue streams while adding value to any Astaro installation."

The new features in the Astaro Command Center version 2.1 include: Organizational Unit Structuring Global Definitions Capability Device-based Reporting Aggregated Reporting

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