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Astaro Releases Next Evolution Of Branch Office Security Product

Astaro RED includes several new hardware features
September 7, 2011 (Wilmington, MA) – Astaro, ( a Sophos company and leading Unified Threat Management provider, today announced the availability of revision 2 of Astaro RED 10 appliance. The new version of the celebrated branch office security hardware appliance offers additional features which make securing remote locations even easier and helps avoid potential lapses in security due to downtime.

Introduced in mid-2010, Astaro has sold over 8,600 RED units worldwide. Astaro RED is the first security solution to offer complete and centrally managed Unified Threat Management and has been recognized as a revolutionary method for securing branch offices. It empowers organizations to connect their remote locations to a central location (headquarters) within minutes and without onsite technical expertise.

"Our IT office was blown away by Astaro RED. When your IT staff is impressed, you know you made the right choice,” said Mark Brophy, IT director, Turner Padget Graham & Laney.

Using feedback provided by Astaro RED customers and Astaro’s partner community the company made several enhancements to the celebrated product. The next step in the evolution of Astaro RED includes the addition of a USB port, duel firmware support and additional status LEDs which allow for easier diagnostics. Together, these enhancements make installing and managing branch office security even easier and solve the minor issues some users encountered when using the Astaro RED. The new revision is supported by all Astaro Security Gateway (ASG) software releases starting from V7.508.

More information about Astaro RED can be found here:

About Astaro With over 56,000 installations worldwide, Astaro protects business, school, healthcare and government networks against IT security threats. Astaro combines the latest technologies in all-in-one solutions that are easy to deploy and manage. Distributed by a global network of certified partners, Astaro provides complete protection for headquarters, branch offices and data centers. Founded in 2000, Astaro, now a Sophos company, continues to be a leading vendor in the fast-growing market for Unified-Threat-Management. More information can be found at