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Alert Logic Launches LogReview For PCI

Using Log Manager, Alert Logic security analysts review log data daily for suspicious activity or security concerns within customer network
HOUSTON " February 22, 2010 " Alert Logic, the smartest choice for securing networks and ensuring compliance, today announced LogReview, an innovative new service to assist customers in complying with PCI DSS Requirement 10. Alert Logic also announced the availability of Log Manager 2.1, the latest addition to its cloud-powered compliance and security solutions. The LogReview service extends the value of Log Manager with daily review and analysis of event logs by Alert Logic's team of certified security analysts freeing customers from the burden of daily log review duties which translates to a savings in both manpower and IT costs tied to PCI compliance.

Using Log Manager, Alert Logic security analysts review log data daily for suspicious activity or security concerns within customer networks. When suspicious activity occurs, the Alert Logic security analysts contact LogReview customers directly, providing expert analysis of the potential security incident or threat.

Log Manager 2.1, the latest release of Alert Logic's cloud-powered log management solution, includes several new features to improve the customer's ability to demonstrate compliance to auditors by the creation and management of log audit trails. Log Manager 2.1 contains new out-of-the-box PCI DSS reports and views that are triggered when suspicious activity is identified within log data. These reports provide customers with an easy way to see when investigative action needs to be taken around possible security breaches.

"We have helped over a thousand customers achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance, in fact, more than 60 percent of our customers are using our services to comply with regulatory mandates," said Gray Hall, Alert Logic chairman and CEO. "With LogReview, we are taking our compliance solutions one step further and solving a major customer need to have the ability to effectively and efficiently review log data daily."

These two announcements deliver on Alert Logic's corporate strategy that is aimed at arming service providers with cloud-powered network security and compliance solutions, also announced today. Rounding out Alert Logic's news today, and further strengthening its go-to-market strategy, is the introduction of the Alert Logic Partner Success Platform.

Key Facts/Highlights:

Utilizing LogReview to demonstrate compliance with PCI DSS Requirement 10, Alert Logic security analysts:

* Analyze event log data daily for potential security incidents like account lockouts, failed logins, new user accounts, and improper access attempts; * Track incidents that warrant investigation and send notifications for LogReview customers to review; * Create an audit trail for working with auditors and regulators; and * Monitor log collection activities and alert LogReview customers when logs are not being collected

Log Manager 2.1 enhances the customers' ability to comply with PCI DSS through:

* Automation of indentifying suspicious activity in log data * Utilization of the case management audit trail system to demonstrate compliance to auditors

Supporting Quotes:

* "Alert Logic's Log Manager provides GSI Commerce with an efficient method of maintaining compliance with industry and government requirements," said Wyman Lewis, Director of Information Security for GSI Commerce. "In the e-commerce business, compliance is a requirement and Alert Logic's solution has served us well for several years."

* "We looked to Alert Logic when we needed to replace an on-premise system that was expensive and time consuming to maintain and didn't meet our compliance reporting needs," said Vickie Miller, Director of Information Technology of FICO. "Alert Logic's Threat Manager and Log Manager not only save us time and money by eliminating support and maintenance of on-premise systems, but we are able to easily demonstrate compliance at a moment's notice.

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