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Active Directory Attacks Hit the Mainstream
Jason Crabtree, CEO & Co-Founder, QOMPLXCommentary
Understanding the limitations of authentication protocols, especially as enterprises link authentication to cloud services to Active Directory, is essential for security teams in the modern federated enterprise.
By Jason Crabtree CEO & Co-Founder, QOMPLX, 4/1/2020
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The Wild, Wild West(world) of Cybersecurity
Bil Harmer​, CISO & Chief Evangelist at SecureAuthCommentary
Though set in the future, HBO's "Westworld" works as an allegory for the present moment in cybersecurity.
By Bil Harmer​ CISO & Chief Evangelist at SecureAuth, 3/27/2020
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Vulnerability Management Isn't Just a Numbers Game
Prateek Bhajanka, VP of Product Management, Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response at QualysCommentary
Attackers work 24/7, so you have to be vigilant around the clock. Time for some game theory.
By Prateek Bhajanka VP of Product Management, Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response at Qualys, 3/24/2020
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Dark Reading Cybersecurity Crossword Puzzle
Edge Editors, Dark Reading
Here's a little something to snuggle up with if you're on lockdown.
By Edge Editors Dark Reading, 3/20/2020
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Security Ratings Are a Dangerous Fantasy
Dr. Tim Junio, co-founder and CEO of ExpanseCommentary
They don't predict breaches, and they don't help people make valuable business decisions or make users any safer.
By Dr. Tim Junio co-founder and CEO of Expanse, 3/20/2020
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TrickBot Module Takes Aim at Remote Desktops
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
The module, still in development, focuses on compromising Windows systems by brute-forcing accounts via the Remote Desktop Protocol.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 3/18/2020
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This Tax Season, Save the Scorn and Protect Customers from Phishing Scams
Dr. Salvatore Stolfo, Founder & CTO, Allure SecurityCommentary
As security professionals, it's easy to get cynical about the continued proliferation of tax ID theft and blame the consumers themselves. But that doesn't help anyone.
By Dr. Salvatore Stolfo Founder & CTO, Allure Security, 3/17/2020
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Texas Chose to Fight Ransomware and Not Pay. What About the Rest of Us?
Yaniv Valik, VP Product, Cyber and IT Resilience, Continuity SoftwareCommentary
Law-abiding folks like us applauded Texas for its bravery but would we have the steel will to stand on the side of justice if it happened to us? Probably not.
By Yaniv Valik VP Product, Cyber and IT Resilience, Continuity Software, 3/13/2020
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How the Rise of IoT Is Changing the CISO Role
Phil Neray, VP of IoT & Industrial Cybersecurity at CyberXCommentary
Prepare for the future by adopting a risk-based approach. Following these five steps can help.
By Phil Neray VP of IoT & Industrial Cybersecurity at CyberX, 3/11/2020
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How Network Metadata Can Transform Compromise Assessment
Ricardo Villadiego, Founder and CEO of LumuCommentary
Listen more closely and your network's metadata will surrender insights the bad guys counted on keeping secret
By Ricardo Villadiego Founder and CEO of Lumu, 3/10/2020
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Threat Awareness: A Critical First Step in Detecting Adversaries
Dan Schiappa, Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer at SophosCommentary
One thing seems certain: Attackers are only getting more devious and lethal. Expect to see more advanced attacks.
By Dan Schiappa Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer at Sophos, 3/9/2020
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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Cyber Defenses
Chris Hallenbeck, CISO for the Americas at TaniumCommentary
By taking proactive action, organizations can face down threats with greater agility and earned confidence.
By Chris Hallenbeck CISO for the Americas at Tanium, 3/4/2020
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6 Truths About Disinformation Campaigns
Jai Vijayan, Contributing Writer
Disinformation goes far beyond just influencing election outcomes. Here's what security pros need to know.
By Jai Vijayan Contributing Writer, 2/28/2020
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How We Enabled Ransomware to Become a Multibillion-Dollar Industry
Srinivas Mukkamala, Co-founder & CEO, RiskSenseCommentary
As an industry, we must move beyond one-dimensional approaches to assessing ransomware exposures. Asking these four questions will help.
By Srinivas Mukkamala Co-founder & CEO, RiskSense, 2/27/2020
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What Your Company Needs to Know About Hardware Supply Chain Security
Daniel Wood, Associate Vice President of Consulting, Bishop FoxCommentary
By establishing a process and framework, you can ensure you're not giving more advanced attackers carte blanche to your environment.
By Daniel Wood Associate Vice President of Consulting, Bishop Fox, 2/27/2020
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Ensure Your Cloud Security Is as Modern as Your Business
Nicolas (Nico) Fischbach, Global CTO at ForcepointCommentary
Take a comprehensive approach to better protect your organization. Security hygiene is a must, but also look at your risk posture through a data protection lens.
By Nicolas (Nico) Fischbach Global CTO at Forcepoint, 2/25/2020
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Solving the Cloud Data Security Conundrum
Faiyaz Shahpurwala, Chief Product and Strategy Officer for FortanixCommentary
Trusting the cloud involves a change in mindset. You must be ready to use runtime encryption in the cloud.
By Faiyaz Shahpurwala Chief Product and Strategy Officer for Fortanix, 2/24/2020
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Zero-Factor Authentication: Owning Our Data
Nick Selby, Chief Security Officer at Paxos Trust CompanyCommentary
Are you asking the right questions to determine how well your vendors will protect your data? Probably not.
By Nick Selby Chief Security Officer at Paxos Trust Company, 2/19/2020
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Don't Let Iowa Bring Our Elections Back to the Stone Age
Andre McGregor, Chief Security Officer at ShiftState & Veteran FBI AgentCommentary
The voting experience should be the same whether the vote is in person, by mail, or over the Internet. Let's not allow one bad incident stop us from finding new ways to achieve this.
By Andre McGregor Chief Security Officer at ShiftState & Veteran FBI Agent, 2/19/2020
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Cyber Fitness Takes More Than a Gym Membership & a Crash Diet
Ryan Weeks, Chief Information Security Officer at DattoCommentary
Make cybersecurity your top priority, moving away from addressing individual problems with Band-Aids and toward attaining a long-term cyber-fitness plan.
By Ryan Weeks Chief Information Security Officer at Datto, 2/18/2020
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Enterprise Vulnerabilities
From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-08
A vulnerability in Juniper Networks Junos OS on vMX and MX150 devices may allow an attacker to cause a Denial of Service (DoS) by sending specific packets requiring special processing in microcode that the flow cache can't handle, causing the riot forwarding daemon to crash. By continuously sending ...
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-08
Juniper Networks Junos OS uses the subnet for internal communications between the RE and PFEs. It was discovered that packets utilizing these IP addresses may egress an EX4300 switch, leaking configuration information such as heartbeats, kernel versions, etc. out to the Internet, leading...
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-08
A race condition vulnerability on Juniper Network Junos OS devices may cause the routing protocol daemon (RPD) process to crash and restart while processing a BGP NOTIFICATION message. This issue affects Juniper Networks Junos OS: 16.1 versions prior to 16.1R7-S6; 16.2 versions prior to 16.2R2-S11; ...
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-08
A privilege escalation vulnerability in Juniper Networks Junos OS devices configured with dual Routing Engines (RE), Virtual Chassis (VC) or high-availability cluster may allow a local authenticated low-privileged user with access to the shell to perform unauthorized configuration modification. This...
PUBLISHED: 2020-04-08
On High-End SRX Series devices, in specific configurations and when specific networking events or operator actions occur, an SPC receiving genuine multicast traffic may core. Subsequently, all FPCs in a chassis may reset causing a Denial of Service. This issue affects both IPv4 and IPv6. This issue ...