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Outsmart Hackers with Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Date: Sep 27, 2016
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Join us on September 27th to learn how AI evolved from old rule-based systems to state-of-the art deep learning, understand key differences between machine learning and deep learning, discover the unprecedented results exhibited by applying deep learning in various domains, hear background on the first application of deep learning AI to cybersecurity, and learn how deep learning enables real-time prediction of unknown threats with unmatched accuracy.

How to Develop an Effective Ransomware Defense Strategy
Date: Sep 20, 2016
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In this comprehensive webcast, industry experts will discuss how your organization can build defenses that will help you prevent being infected by ransomware in the first place. The experts will also describe scenarios and give insight to help you decide what action you should take when facing an attack.

Decoding Ransomware: How to Reduce Your Risk of Attack
Date: Sep 14, 2016
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Everyone is dependent on the online world, and that access makes all of us potential targets for ransomware. Attackers will target anything (and anyone) with access to data that can be monetized - no one is immune. Attend this webinar and you will learn how ransomware works, what makes everyone a target, the anatomy of Locky and a shadow copy attack, what you can do today to minimize the ransomware risk to your organization.

In the Applications Economy - the Best Time for Downtime is...Never!
Date: Sep 13, 2016
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Remember "five 9's" and the effort to reduce the amount of downtime your customers had to endure? Well, today, people accessing your applications won't tolerate any downtime. In this webinar, you'll hear from thought leaders about insight and research on the expectations, challenges, and opportunities for IT when it comes to data protection and, ultimately, business performance. These days, it's not about how much downtime you can get away with - any amount of downtime can lead to a loss of productivity, revenue, and customer confidence. How can IT leaders be rock stars and not one-hit wonders? You'll learn about the most important considerations when improving or revamping an always-on strategy.

Cybersecurity: Tips, Myths & Pitfalls
Date: Sep 08, 2016
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Join us on September 8th for a webinar where Lockheed Martin cybersecurity experts will share practical, real-world tips on tackling the top three myths encountered while working with fortune 500 cyber teams. You will leave with clear direction on how to apply lessons learned from the anecdotes shared, to build your world-class network defense organization.

How to Build a Successful Insider Threat Team
Date: Sep 07, 2016
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Join us for this enlightening webinar where you'll get insight into what to consider when building your insider threat team, how to run an insider threat program, why insider threat teams need to analyze both structured and unstructured data, and how to ensure employee privacy while also protecting your organization.

API vs. Proxy: Understanding How To Get the Best Protection From Your CASB
Date: Aug 31, 2016
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The use of a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can help to secure your full cloud security footprint, but not all CASBs are created equally. Some use API-mode, and others use proxy-mode. Does it really make a difference? Which implementation method should you choose? When you attend this webinar on August 31st you will learn the pros and cons of API and Proxy-based CASBs and how to protect SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS against threats in the cloud.

The New Decision Makers... Are You Ready?
Date: Aug 30, 2016
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Millennials know exactly what they want and expectations are high - very high. They are empowered in their personal life and demand the same in business. Because they are always on and always connected, using everything from mobile devices to social networks, Millennials expect each touchpoint to be as productive as any other - especially in business. No exceptions, no excuses. The discerning nature of Millennials challenges every company as they occupy an ever larger share of customer bases and workforces. Join us for this enlightening three-part virtual event, sponsored by Interactive Intelligence, where analysts from Forrester and Frost & Sullivan will aid us in exploring this revolutionary generation through the lens of our customers and employees. Closing out the event, we'll also explore whether technology can become future-proof as an outcome of this digital revolution.

Stop Cyber Attacks with Threat Intelligence
Date: Aug 30, 2016
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In this informative webinar on August 30th you will hear security experts discuss practical ways to use threat intelligence from the web to identify the methods used by online attackers and to ferret out sophisticated attacks that wouldn't be recognized by traditional information security defenses.

Office 365: The Keys to a Secure & Effective Implementation
Date: Aug 30, 2016
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In this webinar, we'll give you the latest on how to handle security concerns in your Office 365 deployments, how to best address your content management needs before, during, and after transition, and what you can do to help your employees make the most of the suite's features.

Secure Your Enterprise's Digital Workspace with a Multilayered Approach
Date: Aug 25, 2016
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Client computing is increasingly providing a back door into the enterprise for the compromise and infiltrating of sensitive or valuable information, including patient and customer data, and intellectual property. A holistic security approach that provides real-time, dynamic, and intelligent controls that extend contextual policy from client devices to the datacentre is an enterprise's best defense. Attend this webinar to learn how to deliver a defense-in-depth approach that improves overall security posture, while ensuring the best user experience possible.

How Predictive Analytics Solves 6 Big Sales & Marketing Challenges
Date: Aug 25, 2016
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You don't have to be a data scientist to use predictive analytics. Leading sales and marketing teams are using new, easy-to-use predictive analytics solutions to make data-driven decisions every day. This webinar will walk you through how to get started applying predictive analytics to your sales and marketing efforts, and how to solve the 6 big sales and marketing challenges.

How Machine Learning Takes Handwriting Recognition to New Levels
Date: Aug 25, 2016
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Advances in machine learning are driving handwriting recognition and other applications forward, promising new capabilities such as context and understanding of sentence structure for organizations that want to capture script from tablets and other devices. As computers based on neural networks grow to understand language the written words that they capture become much more than a string of characters. In this interview you will learn more about how machine learning works today and how computers grow to understand words and visual representations, such as flow charts and mathematical formulas, advancing the human-machine interface (HMI). Hint, the machine learning calls for feeding an awful lot of documents into those systems.

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10 Recommendations for Outsourcing Security
10 Recommendations for Outsourcing Security
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Dark Reading - Bug Report
Bug Report
Enterprise Vulnerabilities
From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
Published: 2015-10-15
The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) subsystem in the Linux kernel through 4.x mishandles requests for Graphics Execution Manager (GEM) objects, which allows context-dependent attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) via an application that processes graphics data, as demonstrated b...

Published: 2015-10-15
netstat in IBM AIX 5.3, 6.1, and 7.1 and VIOS 2.2.x, when a fibre channel adapter is used, allows local users to gain privileges via unspecified vectors.

Published: 2015-10-15
Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in eXtplorer before 2.1.8 allows remote attackers to hijack the authentication of arbitrary users for requests that execute PHP code.

Published: 2015-10-15
Directory traversal vulnerability in QNAP QTS before 4.1.4 build 0910 and 4.2.x before 4.2.0 RC2 build 0910, when AFP is enabled, allows remote attackers to read or write to arbitrary files by leveraging access to an OS X (1) user or (2) guest account.

Published: 2015-10-15
Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) 1.1j allows local users to gain privileges via vectors involving addition of an SSH key, aka Bug ID CSCuw46076.

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Join Dark Reading community editor Marilyn Cohodas and her guest, David Shearer, (ISC)2 Chief Executive Officer, as they discuss issues that keep IT security professionals up at night, including results from the recent 2016 Black Hat Attendee Survey.