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Detecting and Mitigating Ransomware and Other Malware
Date: Apr 12, 2018

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In the past, most cyber attack campaigns were primarily random, and they simply exploited the most vulnerable systems they could find. Today, however, there is an increasing number of sophisticated attacks – in particular, ransomware -- that target specific companies, data, or even employees. These attacks are often extremely well-disguised and may escape the security tools that most enterprises use to screen out more random attacks. What tools and defenses are there to prevent targeted attacks on your organization? In this session, you will hear about the latest types of targeted attacks and what your enterprise can do to stop them.

Developing and Testing an Effective Incident Response Program
Date: Apr 05, 2018

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If your organization doesn't have a plan for handling a major data breach, you're already in trouble. In order to swiftly and effectively respond to a cyber compromise, you must develop a program for first response in the data center, and downstream response in the business units and in the public eye. This session offers some guidance on how to build an incident response plan that can identify and repair compromises as quickly as possible -- and how to test and practice that plan so that you're ready for the real thing.

Integrating, Coordinating, and Orchestrating Your Enterprise Security Tools
Date: Apr 04, 2018

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Over the past decade, enterprises have purchased a wide range of security tools and systems, many designed to solve only one problem. Today, security teams are looking for ways to aggregate and integrate the capabilities of these systems to help identify sophisticated threats and improve overall enterprise security.

In this Dark Reading webinar, attendees will learn strategies for tying security systems together and orchestrating them to build a better data defense.

How Online Attackers Research Your Organization
Date: Mar 21, 2018

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Whether they are large or small, most targeted cyberattacks begin with some simple research on your organization. This process of collecting “open source intelligence” (OSINT) may include discovering employee information on e-mail or social networks, investigating your enterprise via sophisticated search techniques or the Dark Web, or basic social engineering methods that fool trusted users into giving up credentials or other information. In this fascinating webinar, top experts discuss the methods that online attackers use to perform reconnaissance on your organization – and they offer advice on how you can make it more difficult for attackers to collect the information they need to launch an exploit.

Accelerate Your OODA Loop with Threat Intelligence and Orchestration
Date: Mar 14, 2018

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Today’s adversaries are moving faster than ever before, and for organizations trying to protect themselves against advanced and evolving threats, speed is essential. You need both orchestration and threat intelligence to be able to quickly make informed decisions for your organization. To demonstrate this, we’ll use the OODA loop. A decision making cycle, the OODA loop stands for: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. Not only is it vital to be able to complete the loop, but also important to accelerate it to keep up with adversaries. Register for this webinar to learn how to effectively shrink the attack surface and enable your team to make faster, more accurate decisions.

Why Hackers Attack: Understanding Threats and Motivations for Online Intrusion
Date: Mar 13, 2018

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To develop a strong defense, you must have a good understanding of who is likely to attack your organization – and why.

In this Dark Reading webinar, a top expert discusses the different types of attackers that may test your defenses, and the different methods that each category of attacker might use to penetrate your systems. You’ll also get advice and recommendations on how to use your knowledge of attackers to build a more effective, customized defense that increases the security of your critical data.

Security For the Internet of Things: A Practical Approach
Date: Mar 08, 2018

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Today’s IT environment increasingly employs a variety of devices that are intelligent and Internet-connected – but are not computers or phones. What’s the best strategy for securing these devices as they are added to your corporate computing environment? What can you do during the deployment phase to ensure that attackers don't use these devices as a means to compromise your corporate data? A top IoT security expert offers some insight.

Strategies for Improving Enterprise Application Security
Date: Mar 07, 2018

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Most online attacks begin when a hacker discovers a single vulnerability in an enterprise application. But how can organizations eliminate these vulnerabilities before they are exploited?  While most enterprises are focused on application scanning and remediation, many software development experts are advocating better, more secure application development initiatives that prevent vulnerabilities from occurring in the first place. In this webcast, experts on application security and the DevOps movement discuss the steps that enterprises can take to build security into the app development process.

Building Your Identity-aware Infrastructure
Date: Feb 22, 2018

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As the world of identity continues to evolve, the goals remain the same. A proper identity management program should ensure the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time. Identity governance is what helps you ensure those goals are attained.

Join Darran Rolls, the CTO & CISO of SailPoint, the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration, as he demonstrates how to build an identity-aware infrastructure.

Insider Threats and Data Leaks: What You Dont Know CAN Hurt You
Date: Feb 22, 2018

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Major data leaks such as Edward Snowden’s release of NSA data are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to insider threats. Every day, enterprises face the threat of losing valuable insider information – not only through malicious actions but through unintentional, accidental violations of security rules that lead to exposure of critical information. In this session, a top expert offers some essential advice on stopping data loss from within.

The Real Risks of Mobile Technology In the Enterprise
Date: Feb 15, 2018

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Most companies today have embraced a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy that enables end users to use their own tools to access corporate data. But how can you enforce security in such a flexible technology environment? And what are the real threats faced by today’s wireless devices?

In this session, a top expert will debunk some of the myths about mobile security while raising up some threats and vulnerabilities you may not know about.

Strategies for Monitoring and Measuring Cloud Security
Date: Feb 14, 2018

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There are many tools and processes for improving security in cloud IT environments, but many enterprise security teams still complain about their lack of "visibility" into the cloud. In this Dark Reading webinar, a top expert offers a look at practices and tools that will help your team monitor security in IT environments that incorporate many cloud applications and services. You'll also get advice on how to evaluate and measure cloud security, and how to work with service providers to improve it.

Strategies for Using Cyber Threat Intelligence
Date: Feb 13, 2018

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Between threat intelligence tools, industry ISACs, and a wide range of other services, IT organizations are flooded with ways to keep up to date on the latest security threats. But without mechanisms in place to actually use the information, these alerts provide little benefit. Learn how your IT organization can develop processes to quickly digest threat data and turn it into real actions, improving response to new threats and increasing overall security.

Securing End User Identities
Date: Feb 08, 2018

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Not so long ago, the notion of “endpoint security” focused on the management of desktop devices. But today’s end user employs a wide variety of devices in a wide variety of locations – many of which don’t belong to your organization. How can enterprises build a security strategy that identifies the end user and applies the appropriate security – no matter what their location or device? This session provides new insights on securing your end users.

GDPR: Gain Visibility and Control of Your Customers Data
Date: Jan 31, 2018

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Does your database contain personally identifiable information (PII) on EU citizens? If so, are you sharing it in compliance with GDPR? You must, if you are going to avoid crippling fines. PII belonging to European partners and customers is distributed across your organization: in your file shares, content management and cloud storage systems. It’s possible for organizations to have total visibility and control of their customers’ data—where content resides, which employees have access to it, and what they are doing with it. Having unified access to the systems that hold customer data and the ability to share this data securely will give your data protection officer peace of mind & help him/her sleep at night.
Join us for an informative webinar to learn how you can achieve your data privacy goals as it pertains sharing PII beyond your enterprise boundaries.

LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum: Driving Innovation in the Enterprise
Date: Jan 25, 2018

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Enterprise networking has long faced a standardized competitive environment largely defined by Wi-Fi solutions. That is about to change with the introduction of MulteFire, a new wireless solution that will bring seamless connectivity to users with enhanced coverage and capacity.

This new LTE-based technology can be deployed standalone in unlicensed or shared spectrum, allowing Enterprises to deploy private and neutral host LTE networks with fewer access points than traditional solutions, ultimately reducing CapEx. Harbor Research, a strategy and technology research firm that works with leading technology innovators, product OEMs and service providers, has forecast that the total addressable revenue for Enterprise markets deploying MulteFire will reach nearly $2.5B in 2023. In this webinar, the MulteFire Alliance joins Harbor Research to provide insight into how this technology will help venue owners and operators reduce costly distributed antenna systems and licensed carrier small cells, while ensuring coverage and capacity for users, regardless of carrier.

Becoming a Threat Hunter in Your Enterprise
Date: Jan 25, 2018

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For years, most IT security organizations have waited to detect new threats and then moved swiftly to defend against them. Today, however, there is a new wave of “threat hunting,” in which the security team takes a more proactive approach -- sinking hands into threat intelligence feeds, digging into behavioral analytics reports and following clues to a would-be attacker before they can do significant damage to critical data.
How do these enterprises build threat hunting programs? How do they staff them, and what tools and data do they need?

How to Talk to Management About Cybersecurity and Risk
Date: Jan 25, 2018

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As an IT professional, you’ve developed some ideas on how cyber attackers might compromise your enterprise data, and how you can defend against them. Now you have another challenge: how to present those threats and strategies to business managers who know nothing about IT security technology. How can you convey the current state of your IT security posture to top management? How can you make a business case for investing in additional IT security resources? 

In this informative session, you’ll get advice and recommendations on how to present security issues to your management – in language they can understand.

5 Things to Prepare For in Third-Party Cyber Risk Management in 2018
Date: Jan 18, 2018

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In 2017, we saw an increase in third-party related breaches bring a renewed focus to third-party risk management. But with this renewed focus, comes new challenges. From increased regulations and more involvement from the boardroom, to greater financial implications, third-party risk management has the potential to get more complicated in 2018.

Why Your IT Security Program Is Broken And How To Fix It
Date: Jan 18, 2018

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You may be compliant with every data security and privacy regulation. You may have your traditional IT infrastructure securely locked down. And yet despite that, you may have an IT security program that is failing -- failing to stop attackers and failing to support your organization. What's missing?

In this session, learn from a top expert how to shift away from an old, ineffective security mindset and towards one that is risk-based, threat-aware, and aligned to your business.

The State of the Enterprise Security Department
Date: Jan 11, 2018

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Cybersecurity has become one of the most critical issues in business, but have cybersecurity departments -- and the businesses they support -- adapted accordingly? Are they prepared for the caliber of data breaches and DDoSes organizations now experience? What are the chief threats that security departments face, and what are they doing about them? What are today's top priorities for security professionals and how do they relate to those of the CEO and board room? This session will explore all those questions, revealing data from two recent surveys of IT and security executives.

Fearless & Secure Cloud Migration
Date: Dec 14, 2017

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Business leaders throughout your organization are eager to move to cloud services, but your own enthusiasm is tempered by the knowledge of the threats. What if your databases are busted wide open through an unpatched web app? What if your entire operation is taken offline by an IoT botnet DDoS attack? What if something else security professionals haven’t dreamed of yet? Or what if moving to the cloud can actually improve your organization’s cybersecurity?

In this webinar, learn how to make a safe, secure migration to the cloud, that both manages risks and takes advantage of all the security benefits. Also, learn how other security pros are approaching their cloud security efforts.

Open Source Security for Containers in a DevOps World
Date: Dec 07, 2017

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Managing container infrastructure in a production environment is challenged by problems of scale. One of the biggest problems is trust—specifically trust of the application. To put it another way, can you trust that all containers in your Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster are performing the tasks you expect of them? If a container becomes compromised in some fashion, how many other containers are at risk and how far has trust been broken?

To answer those questions, you first need to implement security controls to define your trust model, and then, carefully study the attacker profile.

Cloud Security: Dont Go Blind While Playing in the Cloud
Date: Dec 06, 2017

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IT and security professionals identify security as the #1 barrier to moving applications to the cloud, according to the “2017 Cloud Adoption Survey” by Evolve IP. And IaaS cloud providers take no responsibility for secure configuration of the operating system or security monitoring, or for application security configuration or monitoring. Exacerbating the issue is that 85 percent of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, according to a January 2017 RightScale “State of the Cloud Survey.”

Ransomware: A Hunting We Will Go
Date: Nov 15, 2017

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Ransomware is one of the favorite flavors of malware and is particularly vicious and showing no signs of slowing down. Join this webinar as Senior Security Researcher Kyle Wilhoit helps us to understand ransomware trends, ransomware use cases, the financial workings behind the attacks and how to combat these attacks. Kyle will also look at some upcoming Ransomware predictions for 2018.

Building Security for the Internet of Things
Date: Nov 09, 2017

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Whether your business makes cars, uses medical devices, or employs any other "Internet-enabled" technology, you could be a target for online attackers. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a broader reality in business, IT and security professionals are being challenged to find ways to secure Internet-enabled technology in all types of non-computer devices. How can IT develop and manage an effective security strategy for IoT technology?

In this webcast, experts discuss the most effective approaches to securing Internet-enabled systems and offer advice on monitoring and protecting next-generation IoT technology.

Ransomware: Latest Developments and How to Defend Against Them
Date: Nov 01, 2017

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Ransomware is one of the fastest growing types of malware, and new breeds that escalate quickly are just around the corner. Learn how ransomware can affect your organization and steps you can take to defend your systems and users against it.

Building a Cybersecurity Architecture to Combat Todays Risks
Date: Oct 25, 2017

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"Layered defense" has traditionally been the modus operandi of IT security, but this approach can't be counted on to stand up to today's threats and attacks. In addition, attack surfaces are growing every day as companies adopt technologies like cloud and the Internet of Things. We'll help you rethink IT security from a strategic, architectural perspective and outline ways to build a comprehensive set of defenses that can discourage and repel attackers.

Understanding Ransomware
Date: Oct 04, 2017

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The IT security industry has spent the last year wrestling with the growing threat of ransomware, in which a cyberattacker encrypts a victim enterprise’s data and then demands payment to decrypt it. But exactly how does ransomware infect your systems in the first place? Is all ransomware the same? How does it encrypt your data, and why is that encryption so hard to crack? Most importantly, what can you do to stop it – or at least prevent it from affecting your most sensitive information?

In this eye-opening webinar, top experts offer insight on how ransomware is created, how it is distributed, how it works, and how to limit its impact on your organization.

Identifying exposures and vulnerabilities in UC/RTC Environments
Date: Sep 28, 2017

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Businesses continue to evolve and rely more heavily on Unified Communications (UC) and Real Time Communications (RTC) based applications to run their normal day to day operations. However, the underlying networks, protocols and technologies that deliver UC and RTC have remained unchanged.   And because we live in an IP world--with VoIP and SIP common to all types of networks, reliance on traditional internet and data networking tools for real-time communications exposes UC networks to the same types of cyberattacks that affect all data networks. More importantly, it exposes the network to the inherent vulnerabilities of SIP communications that the traditional tool sets don’t address.  

This webinar will examine the security implications of using VoIP and SIP, how to best protect real-time communications traffic with tools you already have as well as with new tools, and how to orchestrate protections to prevent UC security from becoming just another isolated security silo.

Advancing UEBA: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Continuous Machine Learning, and Cloud Infrastructure
Date: Sep 20, 2017

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Organizations are increasingly faced by internal threats. Insider threats, compromised accounts, administrator abuse and other user-based threats are some of the most damaging threats and the hardest to detect. This has led to the development of user and entity-based analytics (UEBA) solutions, designed to address user based threats. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning these solutions are making it possible to detect advanced threats that weren’t previously visible

In this webinar, Samir Jain, Senior Product Manager, UEBA and Mark Settle, LogRhythm Product Marketing Manager will discuss the evolving UEBA market and advancements in the technology fueling these solutions.

Finding and Fixing Application Security Vulnerabilities
Date: Sep 14, 2017

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Customer databases, enterprise applications, Big Data – the keys to your enterprise’s kingdom lie in its applications. But application security is often overlooked, both by software manufacturers and by internal app development teams. What steps can your organization take to find and repair application vulnerabilities – before your attackers discover them?

Top applications security expert Matt Tesauro, Senior Technical Project Coordinator for the OWASP Foundation, discusses key practices for scanning and securing applications and offers some insight on how to improve security in your software development organization.

IP Intelligence: The Utility Player for Your Online Business
Date: Aug 31, 2017

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In today’s connected world, it’s no longer enough to simply provide a fast, easy-to-use website. Customers expect an experience that is smooth, safe and personalized. The most successful brands – regardless of industry or target market – can identify who customers are and ensure they’re protected when they visit.

But customer demands aren’t the only thing constantly evolving. The threat landscape, along with the rules and regulations aimed at keeping the internet safe, are changing just as quickly in a boundary-less online world.  Fraud is rampant, while cyber attacks are more targeted and imposing. How does a CISO or CIO adapt?

That’s where IP Intelligence (IPI) comes in. IPI provides granular IP decisioning and Internet connectivity data, answering who, what, where, when and why consumers are connecting to their sites. IPI helps organizations sort out the good actors from the bad, improving the customer experience while keeping vital security systems safe and efficient.  

Join us as we explore the many benefits of IP Intelligence, and how you can use IPI to improve your customer experience, reduce fraud, improve security, protect digital content, and more. It’s the utility player for your online business.

Efficient Triage and Response Using Intelligence-Driven Orchestration
Date: Aug 31, 2017

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Finding ways to increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency when responding to threats should be the goal of any security team. Baking threat intelligence into the day-to-day efforts of detecting and responding to threats is a great way to see some of these benefits. Going further and leveraging the power of a playbook-driven orchestration platform can dramatically improve efficiency and consistency.

In this webinar, these concepts will be explored with practical guidance on how to use threat intelligence to feed orchestration which in-turn can drive automated triage or defensive actions. The result is a well-oiled machine where analysts can be situationally aware and quickly drive appropriate response to threats.

How to Talk to Your Management about IT Security
Date: Aug 30, 2017

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If you’re a security professional, you understand the cyber threat to your organization and the need for an effective defense. The one big problem: your top management doesn’t. In this useful and insightful webinar, top experts offer recommendations on how to measure the cyber threat posed to your enterprise, the posture of your online defenses, and the needs and achievements of your IT security department. This webinar will bring you some new methods for describing and measuring your cybersecurity initiatives so that they can be understood by even the most business-oriented executives.

Using Cyber Threat Intelligence Wisely
Date: Aug 23, 2017

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A wide range of threat intelligence feeds and services have cropped up to keep IT organizations up to date on the latest security threats. But without mechanisms in place to actually use the information, these alerts provide little benefit.

Prioritizing Threats to Your Enterprise Data Security
Date: Aug 10, 2017

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Today’s enterprises face a wide variety of cyber threats that range from financially-motivated cybercriminals to state-sponsored hackers seeking business intelligence. There are many data sources that can provide information about these threats – but how can you determine which threats pose the greatest danger to your enterprise? How can you analyze threat data and use it to help improve your organization’s cyber defense?

The Real Impact of a Data Security Breach
Date: Aug 02, 2017

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A major breach of your enterprise's critical data could potentially threaten the life of your business. In addition to the potential loss of customer data or intellectual property, a breached company faces public scrutiny, IT security overhauls, potential lawsuits, brand damage, and loss of customers.

Out of the Black Box: Making Security a Business Enabler
Date: Jul 20, 2017

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To maximize the return on cloud security investments, CISOs need a seat at the table. Unfortunately, getting them there isn’t always simple, especially when security is often handled in a clandestine way that doesn’t always clearly demonstrate its value.  

However, security doesn’t have to be dark and mysterious to work effectively. It needs to be flexible, reliable and, most importantly, transparent. This how you state the case for not just the relevancy of security to the organization, but how it can be a business enabler.

Stop the Stopgaps: How to Look for New Security Technologies
Date: Jul 19, 2017

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Businesses have been trusting security vendors to protect their endpoints for years, but those vendors can’t keep up with the speed of the evolving threat landscape. They are failing in their promise to protect their customers, and these failures have opened the door for Next-Generation Anti-Virus solutions. Desperate for relief, businesses are adding, or even replacing, their traditional AV with these NGAV solutions. And while the NGAV vendors have promised unbelievable levels of effectiveness, endpoints continue to get infected.

Given today’s threat landscape, combined with so many security options available today, it can be daunting when selecting new or alternative technologies to protect your business. Your security team has unique challenges; therefore, you should be asking your next security vendor how they will meet your requirements—both for today, and the future.

How Cyber Attackers Research Your Organization, And What To Do About It
Date: Jul 13, 2017

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For most online criminals, the first step in a major attack is to do research on the target organization. This “reconnaissance” may involve sending fake emails to employees, stalking executives on social media, making fraudulent phone calls, or other social engineering techniques that might yield credentials or help lay the groundwork for a more sophisticated attack. How do you know when your organization is the target of this type of reconnaissance – and what can you do to disrupt it?

In this eye-opening webinar, you’ll learn how attackers can take advantage of your website, employees’ social media, and other vehicles to learn about your organization – and get the ammunition they need to convince your end users to trust them.

How to Secure Your Endpoints from Ransomware and Other Trending Attacks
Date: Jun 28, 2017

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Attackers have shifted their tactics. They’ve discovered new ways to re-engineer tactics to make them easier to execute, more evasive, and more likely to deceive targeted users. Combined with targeting platforms that organizations falsely consider more secure, these sophisticated attacks, including ransomware, are proving very damaging to unprepared organizations.

Understanding Cyber Attackers and Cyber Threats
Date: Jun 21, 2017

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Russian hackers. Organized cyber criminals. State-sponsored espionage from China. Todays enterprises are threatened by a broad range of online attackers using an even broader range of electronic exploits. And todays security professionals are faced with two key questions: Who are these cyber attackers and which threats are the most likely to affect their own organization?

At this Virtual Event, Understanding Cyber Attackers and Cyber Threats, Dark Reading presents a unique, all-day virtual event designed to answer these questions and many more.

Why Should You Attend?
By attending the online keynote presentations and panels, presented by some of the industrys top experts on cybercrime and online threats, you will get a deeper insight into the bad guys of cyberspace - who they are, how they work, what they do and how your enterprise can stop them.

What You Will Learn:

  • Current attacker profiles, including their motivations and the ways they identify and target businesses
  • How the most valuable enterprise data is extracted even from well-defended enterprises
  • Ways you can use the knowledge from todays criminals to help defend your critical information
  • How insider data leaks occur and what you can do to prevent them
  • Threat intelligence data collection and analysis best practices to find threats most likely to hit your enterprise
  • How threat intelligence + security data analysis + incident response plans = increased data security
Full Security Visibility: An Introduction to SysSecOps
Date: Jun 06, 2017

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The range and scale of IT and security challenges are mounting daily. The rapid increase in the number of endpoints, worker mobility, and cloud applications make managing reliability, risk and security more difficult than ever. The key to success for both IT and security operations is visibility and automation across IT resources, to aggregate knowledge about endpoints and suspicious activity.

Systems and security operations – SysSecOps - is a growing approach that integrates endpoint monitoring and discovery techniques to give IT and security managers a more holistic view of their resources and how they are used. This webinar will present the findings of a new research report and survey from Futuriom, a next-generation technology research firm, which spent months delving into the emerging trend of SysSecOps and defining the requirements.

New Methods for Managing the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage
Date: Jun 06, 2017

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Industry estimates project that there will be a shortfall of as many as one million cybersecurity professionals in the next few years.

The industry is making efforts to get young students excited about infosec careers, but how does that help your short-staffed team now?

How can enterprises manage the growing number of attacks and threats they are facing without enough skilled professionals on staff?

Reduce Security Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Applications
Date: Jun 01, 2017

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Would you leave sensitive data out in the open making yourself a target to thieves looking for a victim? That is exactly what your business is doing if it fails to identify vulnerabilities in their business applications.

Cyber attackers are looking at your business applications for security vulnerabilities so they can get access and wreak havoc. It’s time to find and fix security vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

Wondering where to start and what to do? This webinar will help you build a comprehensive plan to minimize threats and protect your company.

Cyber-Attacks: Why Midsize Companies Believe Theyre Safe But Arent
Date: May 25, 2017

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Midsized companies are becoming an increasing hot spot for cyber-attacks. They face the same APTs and attacks as large enterprises, but have weaker defenses due to lack of resources and/or budgets. Weak defenses create not only the opportunity for attackers to extort resources from the business itself, but also the ability to use them as gateways to hack their enterprise partners.

For midsized companies, building enterprise-grade security operations center (SOC) takes a lot of effort and it usually fails. Buying a SOC service is a faster, better, cheaper option that gives companies a head start instantly.

In this webinar we will examine the pros and cons of buy vs build decisions and who should do what.

IT Leader's Guide to the Cybersecurity Threat & Vulnerability Landscape
Date: May 11, 2017

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Thanks to a never-ending stream of major and well-publicized data breaches, security has become one of the most critical issues in IT.
As a security professional, it is important to separate the signal from the noise and understand the threats and vulnerabilities that your organization will likely face. Doing this will allow you to focus your precious time, resources and budget where it counts!

How Online Attackers Target Your Business And How to Stop Them
Date: May 03, 2017

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One of the best ways to develop an effective cyber defense is to think like your attacker and then develop a commensurate response. A professional penetration tester will explain the ways your IT environment actually comes under attack and offer step-by-step recommendations on how you can prevent those attacks.

Threat Intelligence: Fight Threats, Not Logs Slay the Volumes
Date: Apr 25, 2017

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More is not always better.  When it comes to data and threat intelligence, better prevention is offered via the right approach. 

Don’t waste your resources by drowning them in a sea of data that might not be resulting in useful actions, instead adopt an outcome-driven threat intelligence program.  Outcome-driven threat intelligence equips your company with the ability to focus on prevention and operationalizing action – focusing your resources where they are needed, when they are needed.

8 Ways Hackers Monetize Stolen Data
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Securing Social Media: National Safety, Privacy Concerns
Kelly Sheridan, Staff Editor, Dark Reading,  4/19/2018
Firms More Likely to Tempt Security Pros With Big Salaries than Invest in Training
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[Strategic Security Report] Navigating the Threat Intelligence Maze
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From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
Published: 2017-05-09
NScript in mpengine in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine with Engine Version before 1.1.13704.0, as used in Windows Defender and other products, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (type confusion and application crash) via crafted JavaScript code within ...

Published: 2017-05-08
unixsocket.c in lxterminal through 0.3.0 insecurely uses /tmp for a socket file, allowing a local user to cause a denial of service (preventing terminal launch), or possibly have other impact (bypassing terminal access control).

Published: 2017-05-08
A privilege escalation vulnerability in Brocade Fibre Channel SAN products running Brocade Fabric OS (FOS) releases earlier than v7.4.1d and v8.0.1b could allow an authenticated attacker to elevate the privileges of user accounts accessing the system via command line interface. With affected version...

Published: 2017-05-08
Improper checks for unusual or exceptional conditions in Brocade NetIron 05.8.00 and later releases up to and including 06.1.00, when the Management Module is continuously scanned on port 22, may allow attackers to cause a denial of service (crash and reload) of the management module.

Published: 2017-05-08
Nextcloud Server before 11.0.3 is vulnerable to an inadequate escaping leading to a XSS vulnerability in the search module. To be exploitable a user has to write or paste malicious content into the search dialogue.