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D-FENSE! Using Research To Craft Effective Cyber Defenses
Dark Reading Staff, CommentaryVideo
A pair of experts from Imperva stops by the Dark Reading News Desk to chat.
By Dark Reading Staff , 9/23/2016
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A Twist On The Cyber Kill Chain: Defending Against A JavaScript Malware Attack
Marc Laliberte, Information Security Threat Analyst, WatchGuard TechnologiesCommentary
This slightly modified model is a practical way to keep attackers out of your systems.
By Marc Laliberte Information Security Threat Analyst, WatchGuard Technologies, 9/21/2016
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20 Questions Security Leaders Need To Ask About Analytics
Joshua Goldfarb, VP & CTO - Emerging Technologies, FireEyeCommentary
The game of 20 questions is a great way to separate vendors that meets your needs from those who will likely disappoint.
By Joshua Goldfarb VP & CTO - Emerging Technologies, FireEye, 9/15/2016
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Students Say They'd Only Pay Ransomware Operators About $50
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Webroot survey finds that students will pay more to recover their private photos than to recover their schoolwork.
By Dark Reading Staff , 9/15/2016
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Why The Security UI Could Help With Hiring
Kelly Sheridan, Associate Editor, InformationWeekNews
The incoming generation of security analysts has specific expectations for the user interface of security software, and businesses should pay attention.
By Kelly Sheridan Associate Editor, InformationWeek, 9/13/2016
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Cybersecurity In The Obama Era
Rutrell Yasin, Business Technology Writer, Tech Writers Bureau
Our roundup of the Obama administrations major initiatives, executive orders and actions over the past seven and a half years. How would you grade the president's cybersecurity achievements?
By Rutrell Yasin Business Technology Writer, Tech Writers Bureau, 9/13/2016
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Snowden May Help Explain Your Job To Your Family
Sara Peters, Senior Editor at Dark ReadingCommentary
Hacking Oliver Stone's new film about whistleblower Edward Snowden.
By Sara Peters Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 9/12/2016
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Multi-Factor IT Authentication Hampers Progress, Say 47% US Companies
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
IS Decisions survey finds organizations are looking for alternate to multi-factor verification, which they believe takes up time and slows productivity.
By Dark Reading Staff , 9/9/2016
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Look The Other Way: DDoS Attacks As Diversions
Dark Reading Staff, CommentaryVideo
Black Hat News Desk talks to Joe Loveless of Neustar.
By Dark Reading Staff , 9/7/2016
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More Signs Point To Russian Cyberspy Connection In State Election Board Hacks
Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor at Dark ReadingNews
Researchers discover possible nation-sate link between attacks on Arizona and Illinois and recent attacks on Turkey and Ukraine governments.
By Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor at Dark Reading, 9/6/2016
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Introducing Deep Learning: Boosting Cybersecurity With An Artificial Brain
Guy Caspi, Deep Instinct Co-Founder & CEOCommentary
With nearly the same speed and precision that the human eye can identify a water bottle, the technology of deep learning is enabling the detection of malicious activity at the point of entry in real-time.
By Guy Caspi Deep Instinct Co-Founder & CEO, 9/6/2016
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Why Social Media Sites Are The New Cyber Weapons Of Choice
Nick Hayes, Analyst, ForresterCommentary
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter cant secure their own environments, let alone yours. Its time to sharpen your security acumen.
By Nick Hayes Analyst, Forrester, 9/6/2016
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The New Security Mindset: Embrace Analytics To Mitigate Risk
Todd Thibodeaux, President & CEO, CompTIACommentary
Sure, conducting a penetration test can find a weakness. But to truly identify key areas of risk, organizations must start to think more creatively, just like todays hackers.
By Todd Thibodeaux President & CEO, CompTIA, 9/5/2016
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How To Talk About Security With Every C-Suite Member
Andrew Storms, VP Security Services, New ContextCommentary
Reframe your approach with context in order to get your message across.
By Andrew Storms VP Security Services, New Context, 9/1/2016
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Malware Markets: Exposing The Hype & Filtering The Noise
Jim Walter, Senior SPEAR Researcher, CylanceCommentary
Theres a lot of useful infosec information out there, but cutting through clutter is harder than it should be.
By Jim Walter Senior SPEAR Researcher, Cylance, 8/30/2016
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Meet Some Of The Emerging Israeli Cybersecurity Firms
Sara Peters, Senior Editor at Dark Reading
Many are borne out of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Israel Defense Force's Cyber Intelligence Unit 8200. Could any other nation keep up?
By Sara Peters Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 8/30/2016
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6 Ways To Hack An Election
Eitan Bremler, Co-founder & VP Marketing and Product Management, Safe-TCommentary
Threats to our electoral process can come from outside the country or nefarious insiders. Our country needs to be better prepared.
By Eitan Bremler Co-founder & VP Marketing and Product Management, Safe-T, 8/30/2016
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How To Bullet Proof Your PAM Accounts: 7 Tips
Steve Zurier, Freelance Writer
Recent studies demonstrate the need for companies to focus more on their privileged users.
By Steve Zurier Freelance Writer, 8/26/2016
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The Hidden Dangers Of 'Bring Your Own Body'
Kon Leong, CEO/Co-founder, ZL TechnologiesCommentary
The use of biometric data is on the rise, causing new security risks that must be assessed and addressed.
By Kon Leong CEO/Co-founder, ZL Technologies, 8/26/2016
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The Secret Behind the NSA Breach: Network Infrastructure Is the Next Target
Yoni Allon, Research Team Leader, LightCyberCommentary
How the networking industry has fallen way behind in incorporating security measures to prevent exploits to ubiquitous routers, proxies, firewalls, and switches.
By Yoni Allon Research Team Leader, LightCyber, 8/25/2016
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Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in eXtplorer before 2.1.8 allows remote attackers to hijack the authentication of arbitrary users for requests that execute PHP code.

Published: 2015-10-15
Directory traversal vulnerability in QNAP QTS before 4.1.4 build 0910 and 4.2.x before 4.2.0 RC2 build 0910, when AFP is enabled, allows remote attackers to read or write to arbitrary files by leveraging access to an OS X (1) user or (2) guest account.

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Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) 1.1j allows local users to gain privileges via vectors involving addition of an SSH key, aka Bug ID CSCuw46076.

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