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Webroot Rolls Out Cloud-Based Endpoint Security

Webroot SecureAnywhere Business liberates IT managers from traditional software that fails to protect them, drains resources and frustrates users

Broomfield, CO. – February 21, 2012 – The security landscape has changed and traditional signature-based software can’t keep up. A recent study of IT decision makers found an overwhelming 95 percent experienced an endpoint-based attack last year[1]. Frustrated by traditional security solutions that consistently fail to protect them and require too much time and resources to adequately maintain, many IT managers have resorted to allocating budget for cleaning up the aftermath of attacks.

Today, Webroot, a leader in delivering Internet security as a service, responds by declaring the end of a decade of inadequate endpoint protection by introducing Webroot' SecureAnywhere™ Business – Endpoint Protection. This new cloud-based protection takes the misery out of security by delivering the fastest, lightest, easiest to manage, and most effective endpoint protection available[2]. IT managers no longer have to waste resources and lose user productivity due to intrusive scans and continuous signature updating, patching, and reimaging.

The product is now available for purchase or trial online at www.webroot.com and through Webroot account managers and authorized channel partners in North America, the United Kingdom, the Asia-Pacific region, and across EMEA.

>>WATCH THE VIDEO: Webroot CEO Dick Williams and Products & Strategy EVP Mike Malloy introduce Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection (Also at http://bit.ly/wXJPrP)

Webroot is first to use the power of the cloud to provide superior protection, unmatched manageability, and unparalleled performance.

Superior Protection: Webroot delivers relief and cost savings for IT through superior protection against new threats. At its core is the award-winning anti-malware technology of the Webroot SecureAnywhere Consumer portfolio, which “achieved perfect scores across the board[3]” in testing by PCMag.com and is being adopted by a new user every 15 seconds.

Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection delivers the full spectrum of security, including detection of all types of known malware and advanced persistent threats; identity and privacy protection; firewall; and system cleanup. IT administrators no longer need spend time and resources managing these functions disparately; they can now holistically and effectively protect their entire organization at less cost.

Webroot SecureAnywhere never requires security updates or signature database downloads which eat network bandwidth and leave users exposed. Webroot analyzes every file that tries to run on a computer in the cloud. When a new threat is identified, every Webroot customer is protected within seconds.

Unlike traditional security solutions which can leave behind damaged files or traces of malware after an infection, Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection includes a rollback feature that restores the system to its previous safe state. This can eliminate the need for reimaging every infected computer, which eats up more than 17 hours of an IT manager’s time every month[4].

If a computer is offline, Webroot monitors the system and if malicious activity is observed, it will automatically take action against it and then clean up the damage it may have caused.

Unmatched manageability: With Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection, IT administrators can manage every aspect of their endpoint protection through a single Web-based console. Accessible from anywhere, it enables administrators to monitor security status, remediate infected machines and initiate scans remotely. The tool also significantly simplifies setting Web and application usage policies at individual, group or companywide levels, a process that consumes more than 16 hours per month with traditional security solutions[5].

Unparalleled performance: Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection sets a new standard for performance, installing in less than 6 seconds -- 42 times faster than the average competitor[6]. It uses 12MB of memory during initial scan, which is less than 10% of the memory needed by the average traditional security tool[7]. Its system scan, which searches the system for rootkits and complex threats, takes less than 2 minutes on average[8].

Scans run virtually invisibly in the background so employees can continue to use their computers without disruption. IT administrators no longer need to deal with users who turn scans off to avoid them. Administrators at organizations that have implemented Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection report their users immediately noticed a significant difference in productivity.

(See “Endorsements” below for global customer, partner and executive references.)

Key security features: • Behavior-based threat analysis: Eliminates the need for signatures, minimizes the window of vulnerability. • Webroot Intelligence Network A cloud-based infrastructure that delivers a faster response to new threats than ever before. Once a threat is detected, every endpoint on the network is protected. • Offline protection: Includes protection for machines when they’re offline, whether inside or outside the corporate firewall. • Journaling and roll-back: Proactively monitors any change made to an endpoint by a malicious file and rolls the system back to the safe state, eliminating the need for re-imaging machines. • Cloud-based firewall: Augments the Microsoft Windows firewall; protects against “phone home” attacks and ensures only policy-approved applications communicate with the network. • Identity and Privacy Shield: Hardens the OS and browser to prevent loss of intellectual property through hijacks, keyloggers, and screen-scrapers.

Key management features: • Centralized endpoint management console: Ideal for dispersed organizations. Administrators can remotely execute commands such as scanning, killing un-trusted processes, rebooting, or running a script, on any endpoint. • Centralized policy control: Remotely set application and Web usage policies at the individual, group or companywide level. • System cleaner: Gives IT an alternative to reimaging as a first response. • Remote deployment tool: Easily installs the product across every endpoint on the network. Typical installation time is less than 6 seconds. • Won’t conflict with other security solutions: No need to uninstall existing security products to trial or deploy it. Can be used standalone or as a second layer of protection.

For more product information including sales channels, visit www.webroot.com.

ABOUT WEBROOT Webroot is committed to taking the misery out of Internet security for consumers and businesses. Founded in 1997, privately held Webroot is headquartered in Colorado and has operations across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. For more information, visit http://www.webroot.com or call 800.772.9383. Read the Webroot Threat Blog: http://blog.webroot.com. Follow Webroot on Twitter: http://twitter.com/webroot. 2012 Webroot Inc. All rights reserved. Webroot, SecureAnywhere, and Webroot SecureAnywhere are registered trademarks or trademarks of Webroot Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Endorsements of Webroot' SecureAnywhere™ Business – Endpoint Protection

Customers “We implemented Webroot SecureAnywhere Business – Endpoint Protection to replace several point products we’d been using from various vendors and it’s made a world of difference. I can now easily manage every PC across our entire organization with just one centralized console. With fewer fires to put out in the aftermath of infections, I’ve found myself with half my day freed up in some cases. Our users have noticed a significant difference, too – thanks to Webroot’s amazingly fast scan, their work is no longer disrupted by computer slowdown.” -- Peter Canale, Director of Information Technology, Ben Tire Distributors, LTD., United States

“Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection scans our machines in a fraction of the time it used to take before we implemented it. Installation was quick as well as straightforward to deploy across our organization. The machines appear instantly in the online console. Our average scan time has been cut from 2 hours for a whole machine to approx 45 seconds. The console is very easy to navigate and is very quick to browse giving visibility of all systems quickly with a lot of customized features.” --Sean Lamberton, Divisional IT Manager, Gladedale Group Ltd, United Kingdom

“At the Montgomery County Library & Information Network Consortium (MCLINC), our business is service to the public. Over one-half of our network is dedicated to the public for internet access. We are always on the lookout for applications and products that protect our network from vulnerabilities introduced by external sources we cannot control.

At MCLINC, we are enjoying the light footprint and quick scan times with Webroot SecureAnywhere Business – Endpoint Protection, especially when compared to traditional anti-virus scanners. The difference is night and day! The new features in the Webroot SecureAnywhere console make this product a powerful malware fighting tool for the enterprise environment. To top it off, since it is cloud based, there is no need to worry about latency on your network with downloading antivirus signatures. With Webroot SecureAnywhere, you simply install it, set it, and forget it!” --Jim Griffin, Network Technician, MCLINC, United States

“Our experience with Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection to date has been nothing short of amazing, from reduced memory footprint to dramatically shortened scan times, the product continues to impress us. With our previous product, our full system scan times would take anywhere from sixty minutes to over two hours, with many of our users complaining of poor system performance during these times. With WSA these times have dropped to just a few minutes with the user hardly noticing the impact. Combined with the simplicity of the management console, total ease of use, and almost instant visibility this has been a very successful project.” --Matthew Turany, ICT Manager, RFDS Western Operations, Australia

Investors “By leveraging big data and cloud-based intelligence, coupled with product innovation and acquisitions, Webroot is poised as a real threat to incumbent security vendors. For many years, Webroot has quietly been amassing a huge datastore of security information about bad websites and machines. With SecureAnywhere, Webroot has delivered a revolutionary lightweight PC and mobile front-end app that connects with the cloud to quickly deliver a secure experience for consumers and businesses.” -- Robin Vasan, Mayfield Fund Managing Director

Partners “After introducing the Webroot SecureAnywhere consumer portfolio to our channel of resellers last year, Tech Data is pleased to expand our security offering with Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection. Our reseller customers continue to look for products that deliver effective protection for end-users while helping to reduce the total cost of managing security, and Webroot’s new solution addresses both needs.” -- Stacy Nethercoat, Vice President of Software Product Marketing, Tech Data (Global)

“Here at Kenson we’re excited to be able to add Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection to our portfolio of products. In recent years resource requirements for anti-virus and anti-malware products have grown inordinately, so much so that system performance and responsiveness and even network resources are often adversely affected. Webroot’s unique small footprint will afford our customers rapid ROI through increased productivity whilst maintaining today’s requirement for system integrity. As a bonus, Webroot’s out-of-the-box platform coverage will even reduce the increased security risk posed by mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets in corporate networks. I think we’re onto a winner.” --Terry Harding, Technical Services Manager, Kenson, United Kingdom

“Each step Webroot has taken to improve their product line has provided us with an opportunity to present our clients with a less costly, more effective, easier to manage tool to prevent their systems from becoming infected with malware and viruses than any of the others available in the market today. Introducing Webroot SecureAnywhere into the corporate environment is absolutely painless. It’s incredibly fast to deploy with the built-in tool; imagine being able to deploy the product across a 25-workstation environment in less than a 30-45 minute window without interrupting end users by utilizing one deployment tool. What’s most impressive is the entire scan takes less than five minutes to complete, and then you’re instantly protected from anywhere in the world. That alone is the most impressive part of Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection!” --TJ – CDS, United States

“Webroot SecureAnywhere is very impressive, bringing a fresh step change to endpoint security which is desperately needed. Speed of install and end point scanning can only be described as Olympic Gold class. It’s so fast you almost feel you need to install it twice just to confirm. Providing granular and easy management Webroot SecureAnywhere is a delight to use and gives you back some of the resources you’ve lost. We see a huge opportunity to deliver this fresh clear solution to a stagnant aging problem.” --Steve Lloyd, Managing Director, Oakwood Solutions Limited, United Kingdom

“As a long-standing Webroot partner, Techni-Core is thrilled to add Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection to our portfolio of security solutions for our customers across the southeast. By detecting good and bad files entirely in the cloud, Webroot SecureAnywhere will more effectively keep threats off our customers’ PCs and servers and will provide enhanced protection for all their mobile users – which also means our customers won’t have to spend nearly as many resources maintaining their technology. We see this as a great growth opportunity for us, as well as a tremendous benefit to our customers.” -- Lawrence Taylor-Duncan, Chief Technology Officer, Sr. Vice President & Forensic Analyst Techni-Core Network Services, Inc, United States.

“We're impressed with the new Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection solution. It delivers on its promise of a faster, lighter and more effective client. This solution will significantly impact on the Endpoint Security Market and help Redscan win new business going forward.” --Dominic Schmidt-Rieche, Sales Director, Redscan, United Kingdom

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An security in a cloud based service.
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2/22/2012 | 6:52:02 AM
re: Webroot Rolls Out Cloud-Based Endpoint Security
Webroot is first to use the power of the cloud to provide superior
protection, unmatched manageability, and unparalleled performance.
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