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Internet Of Things & The Platform Of Parenthood
Don Bailey, Founder & CEO, Lab Mouse SecurityCommentary
A new fathers musings on the problems with securing embedded systems, and why there are so few incentives for architecting trustworthy IoT technology from the ground up.
By Don Bailey Founder & CEO, Lab Mouse Security, 6/23/2016
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5 Tips For Making Data Privacy Part Of The Companys Culture
Steve Zurier, Freelance WriterNews
Common sense steps organizations can take to protect corporate data.
By Steve Zurier Freelance Writer, 6/22/2016
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Privacy Shield: Can the US Earn the EUs Trust Post Apple vs. FBI?
Peter Merkulov, VP, Product Strategy & Technology AlliancesCommentary
Rebuilding the privacy framework for data transfer between the US and its European trading partners wont be easy but its still a worthwhile effort.
By Peter Merkulov VP, Product Strategy & Technology Alliances, 6/20/2016
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How Secure is Secure? Tips For Investing In The Right Strategy
Pritesh Parekh, VP & Chief Security Officer, ZuoraCommentary
Business alignment, defense-in-depth and a phased approach are three principles to follow when building out a solid security program.
By Pritesh Parekh VP & Chief Security Officer, Zuora, 6/17/2016
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Apple Rehires Security Expert Jon Callas
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Move seen as attempt to strengthen encryption features of Apple devices following face-off with FBI.
By Dark Reading Staff , 5/25/2016
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What Europe Tells Us About The Future Of Data Privacy
Alan M Usas, Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science, Brown UniversityCommentary
Recent initiatives offer new strategies for balancing technology, security, and organizational policy goals. Here are three approaches worth considering.
By Alan M Usas Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science, Brown University, 5/23/2016
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Why Security Investigators Should Care About Forensic Research
Paul Shomo,  Technical Manager Strategic Partnerships, Guidance SoftwareCommentary
Despite the promise of expanded visibility into the user trail behind a data breach, the security industry has largely ignored the meticulous advances of forensic researchers. Privacy is just one reason for the snub.
By Paul Shomo Technical Manager Strategic Partnerships, Guidance Software, 5/19/2016
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Tennessee Man Found Guilty Of Mitt Romney Tax Return Hack Scheme
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Convicted for attempt to blackmail PwC accounting firm with release of former U.S. Presidential candidate's pre-2010 tax returns.
By Dark Reading Staff , 5/16/2016
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Encryption 101: Covering the Bases
Steve Zurier, Freelance Writer
Heres an overview of the key encryption types youll need to lock down your companys systems.
By Steve Zurier Freelance Writer, 5/13/2016
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British Law Enforcement Agency Loses Bid To Get Passwords From Hacker Lauri Love
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Judge says National Crime Agency should use normal police powers -- not civil action -- to access information, allegedly hacked from US Army, NASA and US Federal Reserve networks.
By Dark Reading Staff , 5/11/2016
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8 Microsoft Office 365 Security Tips To Reduce Data Loss
Sean Martin, CISSP | President, imsmartin
Even with a slew of new security tools and compliance guidance, there are still things you can do to protect this critical business system.
By Sean Martin CISSP | President, imsmartin, 5/2/2016
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Device Advice: Keeping Fraudsters From Consumer Info
Gasan Awad, VP, Identity & Fraud Product Management, EquifaxCommentary
Data breaches are the first stop for criminals with intentions to steal personally identifiable information. These tips show how to fight fraud while optimizing the customer experience.
By Gasan Awad VP, Identity & Fraud Product Management, Equifax, 4/19/2016
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Privacy Debate: Apple & Google Today; AWS or Azure Tomorrow?
Kennet Westby, Founding Partner, President & COO, CoalfireCommentary
Why the recent fight over mobile phone security and encryption is moving to the cloud.
By Kennet Westby Founding Partner, President & COO, Coalfire, 4/18/2016
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EU Privacy Officials Push Back On Privacy Shield
Sara Peters, Senior Editor at Dark ReadingNews
Better than Safe Harbor, but not good enough. Should we care what they think?
By Sara Peters Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 4/13/2016
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'FBiOS' Case Heading For A New Firestorm
Jonathan Braverman, Legal and Compliance Officer, CymmetriaCommentary
The surprise developments in the FBI v Apple case offer little reason to celebrate for encryption and privacy advocates.
By Jonathan Braverman Legal and Compliance Officer, Cymmetria, 3/30/2016
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How To Share Threat Intelligence Through CISA: 10 Things To Know
Sara Peters, Senior Editor at Dark ReadingNews
If you want those liability protections the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act promised, you must follow DHS's new guidelines.
By Sara Peters Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 3/26/2016
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Think Risk When You Talk About Application Security Today
Preston Hogue, Director of Security Marketing Architecture, F5 NetworksCommentary
Security from a risk-based perspective puts the focus on component failures and provides robust security for the ultimate target of most attacks -- company, customer and personal data.
By Preston Hogue Director of Security Marketing Architecture, F5 Networks, 3/23/2016
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Sextortion, Hacking, Gets Former State Dept. Employee 57 Months In Prison
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Embassy worker targeted young women and started campaign with phishing, social engineering.
By Dark Reading Staff , 3/22/2016
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iMessage Encryption Cracked, But Fixed In New iOS 9.3
Sara Peters, Senior Editor at Dark ReadingNews
While FBI fights with Apple over iPhone encryption, Johns Hopkins researchers find a weakness in secure IM on iOS, OSX.
By Sara Peters Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 3/21/2016
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#SaveSecurity Campaign Protests FBI's iPhone Unlocking Request
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Fight for the Future will publicly display and read aloud thousands of comments outside the US District courthouse at Apple vs. FBI hearing on March 22.
By Dark Reading Staff , 3/21/2016
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The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) subsystem in the Linux kernel through 4.x mishandles requests for Graphics Execution Manager (GEM) objects, which allows context-dependent attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) via an application that processes graphics data, as demonstrated b...

Published: 2015-10-15
netstat in IBM AIX 5.3, 6.1, and 7.1 and VIOS 2.2.x, when a fibre channel adapter is used, allows local users to gain privileges via unspecified vectors.

Published: 2015-10-15
Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in eXtplorer before 2.1.8 allows remote attackers to hijack the authentication of arbitrary users for requests that execute PHP code.

Published: 2015-10-15
Directory traversal vulnerability in QNAP QTS before 4.1.4 build 0910 and 4.2.x before 4.2.0 RC2 build 0910, when AFP is enabled, allows remote attackers to read or write to arbitrary files by leveraging access to an OS X (1) user or (2) guest account.

Published: 2015-10-15
Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) 1.1j allows local users to gain privileges via vectors involving addition of an SSH key, aka Bug ID CSCuw46076.

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