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The Security Perimeter Is Dead; Long Live the New Endpoint Perimeter
Ofer Amitai, CEO, PortnoxCommentary
The network no longer provides an air gap against external threats, but access devices can take up the slack.
By Ofer Amitai CEO, Portnox, 1/17/2019
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US Judge: Police Can't Force Biometric Authentication
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Law enforcement cannot order individuals to unlock devices using facial or fingerprint scans, a California judge says.
By Dark Reading Staff , 1/15/2019
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SCOTUS Says Suit Over Fiat-Chrysler Hack Can Move Forward
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
A class-action suit over a 2015 attack demonstration against a Jeep Cherokee can move forward, US Supreme Court rules.
By Dark Reading Staff , 1/11/2019
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Security Concerns Limit Remote Work Opportunities
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
When companies limit the remote work options that they know will benefit the organization, security concerns are often to blame.
By Dark Reading Staff , 1/9/2019
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Android Malware Hits Victims in 196 Countries
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Malware disguised as games and utilities struck more than 100,000 victims before being taken out of Google Play.
By Dark Reading Staff , 1/3/2019
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'PowerSnitch' Hacks Androids via Power Banks
Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor at Dark ReadingNews
Researcher demonstrates how attackers could steal data from smartphones while they're charging.
By Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor at Dark Reading, 12/8/2018
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Apple Issues Security Fixes Across Mac, iOS
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Software updates for Mac and iOS bring patches to Safari, iCloud, iTunes on Windows, and tvOS.
By Dark Reading Staff , 12/6/2018
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BlackBerry Doubles Down on Security in $1.4B Acquisition of Cylance
Kelly Sheridan, Staff Editor, Dark ReadingNews
BlackBerry aims to bring Cylance artificial intelligence and security tools into its software portfolio.
By Kelly Sheridan Staff Editor, Dark Reading, 11/16/2018
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More Than 50% of Free Mobile VPN Apps Have Chinese Ties
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
In addition, most have "unacceptable" privacy policies and "non-existent user support."
By Dark Reading Staff , 11/15/2018
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Understanding Evil Twin AP Attacks and How to Prevent Them
Ryan Orsi, Director of Product Management for Wi-Fi at WatchGuard TechnologiesCommentary
The attack surface remains largely unprotected from Wi-Fi threats that can result in stolen credentials and sensitive information as well as backdoor/malware payload drops.
By Ryan Orsi Director of Product Management for Wi-Fi at WatchGuard Technologies, 11/14/2018
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Guilty Plea Made in Massive International Cell Phone Fraud Case
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
A former West Palm Beach resident is the fifth defendant to plead guilty in a case involving thousands of victims.
By Dark Reading Staff , 11/9/2018
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Symantec Acquires Appthority And Javelin Networks
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Both buys bolster the cybersecurity company's endpoint security business.
By Dark Reading Staff , 11/5/2018
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Apple Patches Multiple Major Security Flaws
Curtis Franklin Jr., Senior Editor at Dark ReadingNews
New security updates cross all Apple platforms.
By Curtis Franklin Jr. Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 10/31/2018
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AppSec Is Dead, but Software Security Is Alive & Well
Matt Rose, Global Director Application Security Strategy, at CheckmarxCommentary
Application security must be re-envisioned to support software security. It's time to shake up your processes.
By Matt Rose Global Director Application Security Strategy, at Checkmarx, 10/29/2018
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Tackling Supply Chain Threats
Ang Cui, Founder & CEO, Red Balloon SecurityCommentary
Vendor-supplied malware is a threat that has been largely overlooked. That has to change.
By Ang Cui Founder & CEO, Red Balloon Security, 10/24/2018
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The Browser Is the New Endpoint
Rajesh Ranganathan, Product Manager at ManageEngineCommentary
Given the role browsers play in accessing enterprise applications and information, it's time to rethink how we classify, manage, and secure them.
By Rajesh Ranganathan Product Manager at ManageEngine, 10/23/2018
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Spies Among Us: Tracking, IoT & the Truly Inside Threat
Amit Sethi, Senior Principal Consultant at SynopsysCommentary
In today's ultra-connected world, it's important for users to understand how to safeguard security while browsing the web and using electronic devices.
By Amit Sethi Senior Principal Consultant at Synopsys, 10/16/2018
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Not All Multifactor Authentication Is Created Equal
Alexandre Cagnoni, Director of Authentication at WatchGuard TechnologiesCommentary
Users should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the various MFA methods.
By Alexandre Cagnoni Director of Authentication at WatchGuard Technologies, 10/11/2018
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An Intro to Intra, the Android App for DNS Encryption
Kelly Sheridan, Staff Editor, Dark ReadingNews
Alphabet's Jigsaw has released Intra, a free security app that aims to prevent government censorship.
By Kelly Sheridan Staff Editor, Dark Reading, 10/3/2018
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California Enacts First-in-Nation IoT Security Law
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
The new law requires some form of authentication for most connected devices.
By Dark Reading Staff , 10/1/2018
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From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2019-01-17
** DISPUTED ** An issue was discovered in BMC PATROL Agent through 11.3.01. It was found that the PatrolCli application can allow for lateral movement and escalation of privilege inside a Windows Active Directory environment. It was found that by default the PatrolCli / PATROL Agent application only...
PUBLISHED: 2019-01-17
A spoofing vulnerability exists when a Skype for Business 2015 server does not properly sanitize a specially crafted request, aka "Skype for Business 2015 Spoofing Vulnerability." This affects Skype.
PUBLISHED: 2019-01-17
A Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability exists when Team Foundation Server does not properly sanitize user provided input, aka "Team Foundation Server Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability." This affects Team.
PUBLISHED: 2019-01-17
An information disclosure vulnerability exists when Team Foundation Server does not properly handle variables marked as secret, aka "Team Foundation Server Information Disclosure Vulnerability." This affects Team.
PUBLISHED: 2019-01-17
Multiple command injection vulnerabilities in NeDi before 1.7Cp3 allow authenticated users to execute code on the server side via the flt parameter to Nodes-Traffic.php, the dv parameter to Devices-Graph.php, or the tit parameter to drawmap.php.