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Parsing What Is ‘Reasonable’ In Security, Post FTC v Wyndham
Tony Porras, Cyber Security & Compliance AttorneyCommentary
In today's regulatory climate, companies can no longer depend on technology solutions alone – for example, SIEM -- to protect corporate data and customer privacy. Here's why.
By Tony Porras Cyber Security & Compliance Attorney, 11/24/2015
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Point of Entry: The Missing Link in the Security Hiring Gap
Jamesha Fisher, DevOps Security PirateCommentary
How misguided notions of capability and lack of access to enterprise tools discourage diversity in Infosec.
By Jamesha Fisher DevOps Security Pirate, 11/12/2015
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States’ Cybersecurity Readiness Presents “Grim Picture” Pell Study Finds
Jai Vijayan, Freelance writerNews
Just eight states of 50 fared decently in a Pell study on their preparedness to deal with current and emerging cyberthreats.
By Jai Vijayan Freelance writer, 11/6/2015
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What The Boardroom Thinks About Data Breach Liability
Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor at Dark ReadingNews
Most public companies subscribe to cybersecurity insurance of some sort, and 90% say third-party software vendors should be held liable for vulnerabilities in their code.
By Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor at Dark Reading, 11/6/2015
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The Evolving Security Budget: 3 New Ways CISOs Prioritize Spending
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Writer, Dark ReadingNews
New report shows increased spending and shifting priorities
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, Dark Reading, 11/4/2015
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Kicking Off A New Era For Policing Cybersecurity
Jason Polancich, Founder & Chief Architect, SurfWatchLabsCommentary
In the wake of FTC v. Wyndham, government agencies are becoming more aggressive about protecting corporate data and customer privacy. But the new rules are very much a work in progress.
By Jason Polancich Founder & Chief Architect, SurfWatchLabs, 11/3/2015
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Cybersecurity Insurance: 4 Practical Considerations
Ilia Kolochenko, CEO, High-Tech BridgeCommentary
There can't be reliable cybersecurity insurance until companies can identify who is responsible for the continuous exploitation of stolen data, long-lasting attacks, and hardly-detectable APTs.
By Ilia Kolochenko CEO, High-Tech Bridge, 10/12/2015
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Chipping Away At Credit Card Fraud With EMV
Deborah Baxley, Principal, Cards & Payments, Capgemini Financial ServicesCommentary
As of October 1, so-called chip-and-pin technology is now the law of the land for electronic payments in the US. But it’s not the silver bullet that will instantly stop all cybercrime.
By Deborah Baxley Principal, Cards & Payments, Capgemini Financial Services, 10/8/2015
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What The EU’s Safe Harbor Ruling Means For Data Privacy In The Cloud
Michael Fey, President & COO, Blue CoatCommentary
The European Court of Justice today struck down the 15-year-old data transfer agreement between the European Union and the US. Here’s how to begin to prepare for the fallout.
By Michael Fey President & COO, Blue Coat, 10/6/2015
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Deconstructing The Challenges Of Software Assurance For Connected Cars
Anna Chiang, Technical Marketing Manager, Perforce SoftwareCommentary
Ensuring software security in the auto industry will entail careful attention to all aspects of software development: design, coding standards, testing, verification and run-time assurance.
By Anna Chiang Technical Marketing Manager, Perforce Software, 9/28/2015
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FTC v. Wyndham: ‘Naughty 9’ Security Fails to Avoid
Jason Straight, Senior VP & Chief Privacy Officer, UnitedLexCommentary
The Federal Trade Commission’s fair trade suit against Wyndham hotels offers insight into the brave new world of cybersecurity regulation of consumer data.
By Jason Straight Senior VP & Chief Privacy Officer, UnitedLex, 9/25/2015
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Information Security Lessons From Literature
Joshua Goldfarb, VP & CTO - Emerging Technologies, FireEyeCommentary
How classic themes about listening, honesty, and truthfulness can strengthen your organization’s security posture, programs and operations.
By Joshua Goldfarb VP & CTO - Emerging Technologies, FireEye, 9/15/2015
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What Ashley Madison Can Teach The Rest Of Us About Data Security
Mohan Koo, CEO & Co-founder, Dtex SystemsCommentary
For a company whose offering can best be described as discretion-as-a-service, using anything less than state-of-the-art threat detection capabilities is inexcusable.
By Mohan Koo CEO & Co-founder, Dtex Systems, 9/10/2015
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The Security Of Applications And CISOs' Sanity, With Veracode's Chris Wysopal
Sara Peters, Senior Editor at Dark ReadingCommentaryVideo
Veracode's Chris Wysopal visits the Dark Reading News Desk at Black Hat to discuss application security, what CISOs' top priorities are, and what they should be.
By Sara Peters Senior Editor at Dark Reading, 8/27/2015
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Cybersecurity Under FTC Authority: What Does it Mean?
Tom Kellermann, Chief Cybersecurity Office, Trend MicroCommentary
Consumers can now expect the same level of security and privacy in the digital realm as they do in the physical.
By Tom Kellermann Chief Cybersecurity Office, Trend Micro, 8/27/2015
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FTC to Black Hat Attendees: Help Us Make Good Tech Policy
Fahmida Y. Rashid, Contributing Editor, Dark ReadingNews
The FTC’s chief technologist made a direct appeal to security, privacy, and technology communities to get involved and help shape tech laws and policies.
By Fahmida Y. Rashid Contributing Editor, Dark Reading, 8/12/2015
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Defending Industrial Ethernet Switches Is Not Easy, But Doable
Rutrell Yasin, Business Technology Writer, Tech Writers BureauNews
Attacks and vulnerabilities against ICS and SCADA can be detected and monitored if operational folks know their network infrastructure.
By Rutrell Yasin Business Technology Writer, Tech Writers Bureau, 8/6/2015
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Poor Priorities, Lack Of Resources Put Enterprises At Risk, Security Pros Say
Tim Wilson, Editor in Chief, Dark ReadingNews
In Black Hat survey, security professionals say misplaced enterprise priorities often leave them without the time and budget they need to address the most critical threats.
By Tim Wilson Editor in Chief, Dark Reading, 7/15/2015
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PCI Update Paves Way For Expanding Point-to-Point Encryption
Jai Vijayan, Freelance writerNews
Move appears designed mainly for large organizations and big-box retailers looking to lock down payment card security.
By Jai Vijayan Freelance writer, 7/1/2015
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Why We Need In-depth SAP Security Training
Juan Pablo Perez-Etchegoyen, CTO, OnapsisCommentary
SAP and Oracle are releasing tons of patches every month, but are enterprises up to this complex task? I have my doubts.
By Juan Pablo Perez-Etchegoyen CTO, Onapsis, 7/1/2015
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