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Best Practices for Recruiting & Retaining Women in Security
Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor at Dark ReadingNews
Gender diversity can help fill the security talent gap, new Forrester Research report says.
By Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor at Dark Reading, 2/22/2018
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3 Tips to Keep Cybersecurity Front & Center
Greg Kushto, Vice President of Sales Engineering at Force 3Commentary
In today's environment, a focus on cybersecurity isn't a luxury. It's a necessity, and making sure that focus is achieved starts with the company's culture.
By Greg Kushto Vice President of Sales Engineering at Force 3, 2/14/2018
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Equifax Names New CISO
Dark Reading Staff, Quick Hits
Former Home Depot CISO takes the reins in the wake of Equifax's massive data breach and fallout.
By Dark Reading Staff , 2/13/2018
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Thinking about a Career Move in Cybersecurity?
Steve Morgan, Founder & CEO, Cybersecurity VenturesCommentary
The numbers show career opportunities for cyber defenders.
By Steve Morgan Founder & CEO, Cybersecurity Ventures, 2/1/2018
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An Action Plan to Fill the Information Security Workforce Gap
Laura Lee, Laura Lee, Executive VP, Cyber Training & Assessments, CircadenceCommentary
Nothing says #whorunstheworld like an all-female blue team taking down a male-dominated red team in a battle to protect sensitive customer data, and other ideas to entice women into a cyber career.
By Laura Lee Laura Lee, Executive VP, Cyber Training & Assessments, Circadence, 1/29/2018
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Security Automation: Time to Start Thinking More Strategically
Liz Maida,  Co-founder, CEO & CTO, Uplevel SecurityCommentary
To benefit from automation, we need to review incident response processes to find the areas where security analysts can engage in more critical thought and problem-solving.
By Liz Maida Co-founder, CEO & CTO, Uplevel Security, 1/24/2018
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You Break It, They Buy It: Economics, Motivations Behind Bug Bounty Hunting
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Writer, Dark ReadingNews
Some bug hunters make 16 times the median salary of software engineers in their home countries.
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, Dark Reading, 1/19/2018
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Tax Reform, Cybersecurity-Style
Ben Johnson, Co-founder and CTO, Obsidian SecurityCommentary
How the security industry can be more effective and efficient by recognizing four hidden "taxes" in the buying and selling process.
By Ben Johnson Co-founder and CTO, Obsidian Security, 1/18/2018
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How to Keep Blue Teams Happy in an Automated Security World
Jose Nazario, Director of Security Research at FastlyCommentary
The creativity and intuition of your team members must be developed and nurtured.
By Jose Nazario Director of Security Research at Fastly, 1/18/2018
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Which CISO 'Tribe' Do You Belong To?
Kelly Sheridan, Associate Editor, Dark ReadingNews
New research categorizes CISOs into four distinct groups based on factors related to workforce, governance, and security controls.
By Kelly Sheridan Associate Editor, Dark Reading, 1/17/2018
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In Security & Life, Busy Is Not a Badge of Honor
Joshua Goldfarb, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, IDDRACommentary
All security teams are busy, but not all security teams are productive. The difference between the two is huge.
By Joshua Goldfarb Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, IDDRA, 1/16/2018
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Doh!!! The 10 Most Overlooked Security Tasks
Steve Zurier, Freelance Writer
Heres a list of gotchas that often slip past overburdened security pros.
By Steve Zurier Freelance Writer, 1/16/2018
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Mental Models & Security: Thinking Like a Hacker
Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVaultCommentary
These seven approaches can change the way you tackle problems.
By Javvad Malik Security Advocate at AlienVault, 1/16/2018
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How to Attract More Women Into Cybersecurity Now
Dawn Kawamoto, Associate Editor, Dark ReadingNews
A recent survey finds a number of attributes women seek in their careers can be found in a cybersecurity profession the dots just need to be connected.
By Dawn Kawamoto Associate Editor, Dark Reading, 1/12/2018
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'Tis the Season: Dark Reading Caption Contest Winners
Marilyn Cohodas, Community Editor, Dark ReadingCommentary
Bricked devices, penetration tests, and virtual reality were among the themes submitted in our latest holiday caption competition. And the winners are ...
By Marilyn Cohodas Community Editor, Dark Reading, 1/9/2018
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A Pragmatic Approach to Fixing Cybersecurity: 5 Steps
Mike McConnell & Patrick Gorman, Mike McConnell & Patrick GormanCommentary
The digital infrastructure that supports our economy, protects our national security, and empowers our society must be made more secure, more trusted, and more reliable. Here's how.
By Mike McConnell & Patrick Gorman Mike McConnell & Patrick Gorman, 1/3/2018
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The Disconnect Between Cybersecurity & the C-Suite
Marc Wilczek, Digital Strategist & CIO AdvisorCommentary
Most corporate boards are not taking tangible actions to shape their companies' security strategies or investment plans, a PwC study shows.
By Marc Wilczek Digital Strategist & CIO Advisor, 12/28/2017
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6 Tips to Protect Against Technical Support Fraud
Steve Zurier, Freelance Writer
Just when youre having fun over the holidays and not paying attention, you can be hit with a tech support scam. Here's how to stay safe into the new year.
By Steve Zurier Freelance Writer, 12/27/2017
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CISOs Play Rising Role In Business
Kelly Sheridan, Associate Editor, Dark ReadingNews
CISO hiring trends show more external hires, longer tenures, and an increase in MBAs as tech pros are required to understand the business.
By Kelly Sheridan Associate Editor, Dark Reading, 12/26/2017
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CISO Holiday Miracle Wish List
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading
If CISOs could make a wish to solve a problem, these would be among the top choices.
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, Dark Reading, 12/22/2017
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Published: 2017-05-09
NScript in mpengine in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine with Engine Version before 1.1.13704.0, as used in Windows Defender and other products, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (type confusion and application crash) via crafted JavaScript code within ...

Published: 2017-05-08
unixsocket.c in lxterminal through 0.3.0 insecurely uses /tmp for a socket file, allowing a local user to cause a denial of service (preventing terminal launch), or possibly have other impact (bypassing terminal access control).

Published: 2017-05-08
A privilege escalation vulnerability in Brocade Fibre Channel SAN products running Brocade Fabric OS (FOS) releases earlier than v7.4.1d and v8.0.1b could allow an authenticated attacker to elevate the privileges of user accounts accessing the system via command line interface. With affected version...

Published: 2017-05-08
Improper checks for unusual or exceptional conditions in Brocade NetIron 05.8.00 and later releases up to and including 06.1.00, when the Management Module is continuously scanned on port 22, may allow attackers to cause a denial of service (crash and reload) of the management module.

Published: 2017-05-08
Nextcloud Server before 11.0.3 is vulnerable to an inadequate escaping leading to a XSS vulnerability in the search module. To be exploitable a user has to write or paste malicious content into the search dialogue.